Richard Silverstein Allegedly Intimidates Woman At Seattle Event

From The Mike Report:

This morning the anti-Israel group, Parent’s Circle was making a local presentation and the Patrolman for Palestine wanted to make sure there was no funny business. Silverstein got out of his pajamas, trudged up the stairs out of his basement to execute his sting operation.

Silverstein arrived at Skinner Auditorium at Seattle’s Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral with the Parent’s Circle lecture already well in progress. After scanning the room, Silverstein quickly spotted his quarry. A young woman, obviously a Zionist plant, was videotaping the Parent’s Circle lecture. Disrupting the program in progress the geriatric gendarme frantically rushed up to the woman who was taping the event and demanded of her “who are you with!?”. All heads in the auditorium spun towards the frantic Silverstein. “She is with Standwithus!” he exclaimed, referring to a local Israel advocacy organization. Silverstein demanded that the woman immediately stop videotaping the lecture, his antics bringing the program to a halt.

Clearly annoyed with Silverstein’s dingbattery, one of the presenters, Robi Damelin, left her seat on the panel and walked towards Silverstein and his suspect. Demelin, staring directly at Silverstein while addressing the woman taping the event, urged her to please continue videotaping. With that an ashen faced Silverstein slunk out of the room, not to return for the duration of the program.

I tried to confirm this indeed occurred, and sure enough, there is some (albeit shaky) video of the incident.

At about 21 seconds in the video, you can see Silverstein (with the glob of white hair) and someone else kneeling over Hen Mazzig and the woman mentioned in the post.  You can then see Robi Damelin (in the midst of getting introduced) walk over to the woman, after which she apparently tells her she can continue videoing. You can almost catch Silverstein and friend walk away.

I also asked the woman in question what happened, and she told me the following:

I was there to listen to what they had to say and I wanted to video. The panel saw I was videoing from the very beginning  and did not have a problem with it. Richard did! He even tweeted that 2 bullies were at the event. BULLY..sitting and listening is being a bully??!!!  And furthermore Richard has no idea what my opinion is on the subject!! The panel wants there message seen and heard they stand behind their view point and had no problem with me videoing. Robi came to my defense when Richard was VERY upset..she came to me  and said “Please, you can video.” I appreciated that a lot and I appreciate that she is for open dialogue unlike Richard and people like him..Robi even shut a woman down when she attacked Israel..she told her she is closed-minded and didn’t listen to anything that was said there that day.

As for Silverstein, he does not mention being deflated,  but does have the chutzpah to call the woman videoing the event a bully!



So let’s get this straight. Silverstein objects to a pro-Israel person videoing the event and allegedly goes over to her to force her to stop. That apparently is not bullying. Meanwhile, the woman doing the filming is a bully, despite having retroactive permission from the speaker.

Notice also how Silverstein refers to Hen and the woman as “pro-Israel” bullies, using “pro-Israel” as a perjorative. Yet he constantly claims he is not anti-Israel. Like here:


While I do not have definitive proof this is what occurred (I have asked if audio of the incident exists), I find it easy to believe. After all, we saw Silverstein bullying a palestinian from Gaza just a few days ago, for the crime of criticizing Hamas. And you already know how he tried online bullying with me, when he not only published my name, but also where I live and, subsequently, my place of employment, all while inventing lies against me in the hope of causing trouble for me at work. And did I mention he sent me a mail threatening to reveal information that could damage me (presumably where I work) if I posted anything he did not like?

As time goes on, Silverstein’s true colors seem to become more apparent.
And it’s not a pretty sight.

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David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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