Does Cyndi Lauper Wanna Have Fun In Israel?


Iconic 80s singer Cyndi Lauper is reportedly coming to Israel.

Why is this interesting, I hear you ask? After all, she’s hardly a Rihanna or Alicia Keys (anymore).

Here’s why: this is what Lauper said about Israel in Now magazine in 2010:

Cyndi LauperAt the June 7 meeting at the 519 in support of free speech at Pride and to organize against Pride’s decision to ban the term “Israeli apartheid” at the big parade (Pride has since changed its mind about that), some activists suggested taking action at Lauper’s big concert Saturday (July 3) at Queen’s Park. Next to the Pride Day parade, her event is considered this year’s biggest draw. When I ask Lauper what she thinks about a protest at her gig, she gives it some serious thought.

“Oh,” she says, and I can almost hear the gears turning inside her head. “In a way it is like apartheid [in Israel], because the Palestinians are outside of the city like the South African blacks were.

“They [Queers Against Israeli Apartheid] should hand out information so people can read about it. For crying out loud, if people can hand out pamphlets for hamburgers or manicures, [QuAIA] should hand out theirs, as long as it’s backed up by information. If you have people’s stories, that’s the best.”

I’m not quite sure what “the Palestinians are outside of the city like the South African blacks were” actually means, but leaving that aside, has Lauper now changed her mind about Israel or decided to leave the politics out of it and perform here anyway?

No doubt, if this story is true, the BDSHoles will show their true colors time after time and place much pressure on her to boycott Israel.

Here’s hoping she bops them on the head and comes here to put on a great show.

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