I have never really understood Jews who have decided to remain in South Africa.

Sure, I understand one can live a relatively affluent life.

But what good is it to live in a mansion, when you have to like a virtual prisoner in it?

What good is it to drive a fancy car, when you have to worry about getting car-jacked if stationary at some red lights?

I have never actually lived in South Africa, but some of my best friends have, and this is the picture they have portrayed.

A picture they portrayed before recent events.


South African Jews should emigrate to Israel as soon as possible because a pogrom here is “only a matter of time”, says former Israeli foreign minister and deputy prime minister Avigdor Lieberman.

He was responding to International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane saying South African ministers did not visit Israel and would not until the situation in that country had improved.

“Ministers of South Africa do not visit Israel currently. We have agreed to slow down and curtail senior leadership contact with that regime until things begin to look better.

“The struggle of the people of Palestine is our struggle,” Nkoana-Mashabane was reported as saying by Sapa.

Lieberman said the South African government had created an anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic atmosphere.

“I call on all Jews who still live there to come to Israel as soon as possible and without delay, before it is too late,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

The SA Jewish Board of Deputies and SA Zionist Federation said Lieberman’s comments were “alarmist and inflammatory”.

“It is misguided and irresponsible to assert that their consequences might be so extreme as to lead to actual pogroms against the Jewish community.”

I’m with Lieberman on this.

The leader of the African National Congress in South Africa’s Western Cape Province has claimed that 98% of landowners in the city of Cape Town are white and “people in the Jewish community”. But, as Africa Check discovered, South African property records only listed the race of owners prior to 1994 and not their religion.

Ninety-eight percent of land and property owners in Cape Town are “white” and “Jewish”, Marius Fransman, the Western Cape provincial leader of the African National Congress, claimed in an address to the Cape Town Press Club recently.

“The reality is … 98% … of the landowners and property owners actually is the white community and, in particular, also people in the Jewish community,” the South African Press Association quoted him saying.

Fransman made similar remarks during a radio interview in February this year, claiming that the opposition Democratic Alliance – the dominant political party in the Western Cape – had given “Jewish businessmen” building contracts previously held by Muslims in two Cape Town suburbs.

In the wake of Fransman’s most recent comments, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission and Ben Turok, an ANC MP, wrote a letter to the organisation’s secretary general calling for Fransman to be disciplined.

Fransman, who is also South Africa’s deputy minister for international relations and co-operation, denied his comments were anti-Semitic, adding: “I unreservedly apologise for the perception what was created that I was singling out the Jewish community.”

Is there any evidence to support Fransman’s claims?

When Africa Check contacted Fransman on Tuesday this week, he said the 98% figure was based on “the ownership profile of people and companies that rented buildings to the province and the city in Cape Town’s CBD”.

Asked if he had done an audit of the race of property owners in Cape Town and, if so, how, Fransman replied: “I would not just throw out a figure that is a thumbsuck … Ninety five percent to 98% is still in the hands of the white community and white individuals. If you take properties rented by province and the city this is the case. You need to look at the lease agreements and the ownership of these properties. You have to look at the supply lines and that is where you get to these figures.”

According to Debra Gouws, a Cape Town lawyer who specialises in property law, it is impossible to identify the race of a property owner based on deeds issued after 1994, the year in which South Africa held it’s first democratic elections.

“In the case of older deeds it is possible to ascertain the race of the owner, although I have seen some older deeds in which it is not recorded,” she said. Pre-1994 deeds listed race as, for example, “white group” or “coloured group” and also carried the identity number of the owner, said Gouws. Apartheid-era identity numbers included codes denoting the racial groups of identity document holders. But with racially coded identity numbers a thing of the past, it is no longer possible to use this to ascertain a person’s ethnicity.

Title deeds also do not state the religion of an owner, nor have they ever done so, Gouws said.

‘Impossible’ to determine the race of property owners

A department of rural development and land reform audit, released in September, found that while 80% of South Africa’s land is privately owned, it was impossible to determine the extent of black ownership.

South Africa’s surveyor-general, Mmusa Riba, said at the time that the department had been unable to work out how much of South Africa’s private property was owned by black or white people or entities, as title deeds did not include a racial classification of the owners.

This could change. The Electronic Deeds Registration Bill proposes that title deed holders be required to submit information on their ethnicity.

In a statement released today, the Western Cape provincial minister of transport and public works, Robin Carlisle, said “Fransman is 100% wrong – yet again”.

Carlisle said the provincial government’s “five biggest leases” were:

  • the Protea Assurance Building, owned by Oasis, “a black-owned, Sharia-compliant company”;
  • the Waldorf Building, which is “privately owned by Mr Moosa Baba of Cameroon”;
  • 35 Wales Street, which is owned by the Government Employee Pension Fund;
  • Golden Acre, owned by Growthpoint Properties, a JSE listed company;
  • Grand Central Building, owned by Ascension Properties, “a black-managed and substantially black-owned JSE listed company”.

Carlisle said Fransman would have “signed or dealt with every one of these leases in some regard at some time during his tenure” as provincial minister of public works.

Conclusion – There is no evidence to support Fransman’s claims

There is no data to support Fransman’s contentions. The last time race was recorded in title deeds was prior to 1994. The religion of property owners is also not recorded.

The same applies to the owners of businesses or trusts that own properties, as information on race and religion is not required by South Africa’s Companies and Intellectual Property Commission.

Fransman’s comments appear to be little more than a cynical attempt to win over Muslim voters in the Western Cape ahead of next year’s elections in South Africa. In interviews, Fransman has repeatedly vowed that the ANC will “reclaim” the Western Cape from the Democratic Alliance and has reportedly accused the DA-led provincial government of having a “close” relationship with Israel.

“We recognise there are at least 1.3-million Muslims,” he said in one interview. “It is very important to have a strong relationship, not for their voting, but because they were part of the fight for liberation.”

Yep. Get the hell out of there before it really is too late.

22 thoughts on “South African Jews, Get The Hell Out Of There!”

  1. E Pluribus Wombat

    The ANC has deep roots in the Soviet KGB going all the way back to the KGB predecessor in the 1940’s. Some of the luminaries of the ANC like Joe Slovo and Ronnie Kasrils were openly Soviet Communists and affiliates of the CPSU and its South African branches. KGB trained and funded they executed standard Soviet playbooks which portrayed anti Communism and in SA’s case, apartheid as a Jewish plot. Of course the fact that Kasrils and others were nominally Jewish themselves meant nothing. And while there’s always been a weird white liberal upper middle class streak of Jewish hangers-on in the ANC, just like the key fundraisers for the Black Panthers in the US in the ’60’s were mostly people like Norman Mailer and the actor James Cromwell (yes I know not Jewish) They’re kept around for window dressing and to give the ANC some respectability. Make no mistake though, the ANC is fundamentally antisemitic to its core. And given that SA is a single party state where the ANC IS the government and it controls most of the unions and universities as well then the country is antisemitic as well. It wouldn’t do for the country which seems to own the word ‘freedom’ nowadays to start a pogrom against the Jews so they will simply do it slowly and quietly. Moreover SA law still makes it very difficult to get your money and wealth out of the country if you emigrate so all those people if they wanted to leave would be pauperized. That’s a pretty hard thing to accept if no one’s actively trying to kill you.

    1. Oh so its already headed to Inquisition type laws? They should check out bitcoin. Buy bitcoin with rand and then buy USD or whatever with the bitcoin. I have mixed feelings about bitcoin, but it seems like a great way to transfer money and appears to have been used to evacuate money from Cyprus after they tried to seize bank accounts.

  2. Lieberman is right. The handwriting has been on the wall for some time. So far, only a trickle of Jews has made aliyah. I expect it to grow once they realize that the situation is hopeless. The same thing is happening in France.

  3. This is the worst article I have ever read. South Africa is a paradise and our democracy is one of the few legitimate left on earth. It’s unbelievable that someone could write such drivel about somewhere they have never been. Cape Town was just voted the 8th best city in the world to visit by the Loney Planet guide.

    1. A beautiful country with a terrible government. It had a lot of potential in 1994, but its gone to hell since then. The fact that Mandela wasnt Mugabe was probably its only saving grace because God knows the savages (please do not construe this to mean blacks, I mean ANC socialists, Inkatha is one of my favorite parties in the world) would want all the land and property of whites, coloureds, and the few blacks who attained property.

    2. This is seriously one of the dumbest article I have ever read.

      Seems that you either have no ability to synthesize information, or you simply are trying to get comments like mine to your website.

      Besides the abundance of deductive errors you have here, “Survivor bias” seems to be your biggest problem:
      You’ve only met South African’s who have left ie: those who failed, were scared, etc.. You haven’t met those who enjoy it. Its like meeting Israeli’s who left Israel and are propagating that Israel is a “difficult, angry, country that only had hope in 1948”

      1. Why don’t you address the actual points in the post, instead of hurling ad hominems my way?

        True, I have spoken with those who left, and the picture is grim.

        I am sure one can live in a bubble in a place like Cape Town, but that doesn’t take away from my main point: get the hell out of there before it is too late!

  4. As a South African who has also lived in Israel for a considerable period of time, I take umbrage with an article written without any apparent understanding of the country, and being armed only with second-hand information from people who have immigrated (and who for many reasons are likely to be slightly biased against South Africa).

    Studies have shown that South Africa has one of the lowest incidences of anti-Semitism in the world. Concomitant with this reality is that South African Jews are able to live well as Jews. The South African Jewish community is a model for world-Jewry, vibrant communities with ready access to a multitude of synagogues, Jewish day-schools, Torah learning, Kosher Restaurants, and Kosher food. In fact, as an Ashkenazi Jew, I find it easier to find Kasher le Pesach food in main cities in South Africa than I can in Tel Aviv.

    While no-where is Utopia, and South Africa certainly has its share of challenges, it is a country of great pride, spirit, and a thriving democracy underpinned by one of the World’s most liberal constitutions. Accordingly, freedom of speech ensures that even politicians who do not tow the party line are able to make preposterous, and unsanctioned, public statements.

    The same is true of Israel, where politicians like Lieberman, who, driven by sheer, chilling ignorance is able to make statements that indicate that the South African Government quells labour-strikes by killing perpetrators (completely ignoring the anguishing underpinnings of a complex ordeal – certainly not one that can be called government-sanctioned), and as if in an attempt to try to out-do his ineptitude, forewarns South African Jews of impending pogroms – with all the trappings of an apocalyptic, fear-mongering fortune-teller. It’s an embarrassment to Israel, and an embarrassment to Jews worldwide.

    Might I suggest that for your next vacation you indulge yourself in a trip to SA – I assure you that not only will it be one of the most unique and exciting holiday experiences, you are also likely to return home with some much-needed perspective.

    1. You’re painting quite a paradise. I’m in Brazil, a country with REALLY high violent crime rates (more violent deaths each year than Iraq)… and even here the press paints SA as a lawless land, where not only regular crimes, but also hate crimes are disturbingly ordinary. They were even talking about how the white Boer is one of the most persecuted groups in the world…
      According to the Daily mail, there’s an average of 60 white farmers murdered each day.


    2. Really, you want to describe one of the murder and violence centres of the world as a great place. Im sure in some areas its safe and wonderful, but it does not seem to be getting any better.

  5. The description of living like a virtual prisoner in your big home and car does not apply to all cities with Jewish communities, and it is more specific to Johannesburg, and then there is no particular distinction to the Jewish community. Virtually anyone can get car jacked. Jews stay for the same reason as anywhere – they have their roots, they happen to be Jewish, but they feel this is their country and they are proud of their contribution and achievements as a community. Otherwise, the same question would apply to Jews anywhere – Russia, Ukraine, Germany, anywhere where masses have left but many will stay unless and until their country really turns on them and drives them out. For many, there are financial and family reasons. As “white South Africans” they are considered privileged, but without particular skills would have difficulty being accepted as migrants to other countries. Even in Israel, they can come but they have to fund their own way, no “absorption” money for them. That’s ok when you’re young. Then there is the problem of families being broken up as the young ones leave and the older generation get left behind. Otherwise, some of the younger ones leave, and some stay to look after the aging parents.
    I stayed in SA for a few months back in 1996, and even then it wasn’t a paradise as some commenters describe it, but people create their own reality

  6. It seems that in south africa and europe we jews have forgotten what Theodore Hertzl concluded….even here in Brooklyn local goy become enraged and jealous when we buy abandonded slums and rebuild them into homes for yidden….The Chabad Rabbi s try to make the world eretz yisroel until mosiach arrives and are sent all over the world. Lets pray he comes soon…however I agree jews should leave this accursed place as well as europe and come to Israel asap! Shalom james ainoris

  7. All things aside, I love South Africa as a country and culture. Their accent is amazing. District 9 is probably my favorite film. And I really would love to marry a South African Jewish lady. :)))) Mostly for the accent and exotica. lol

  8. It’s hard to know from such a distance what the reality of life for Jews in South Africa is today. But considering the source making such claims, Avigdor Lieberman, I wouldn’t rush to pack my bags. When I used to listen Arutz Sheva radio I would hear a constant drumbeat of anti-American crap from them. I love when Israelis present the case for Israel, but not when they tear other countries down in the process.

    1. I don’t see any “anti-america crap” on arutz sheva. They usually attack the Obama government or some stupid policies of previous governments. And they are right most of the times.

      1. Haven’t listened for a few years now, but in an effort to promote Aliyah for American Jews, not only did multiple radio hosts point out the positive aspects of life in Israel, but presented America as an unfit place for Jews to live. America was presented as amoral, dog-eat-dog, money grubbing kind of a place for Jews. Yishai Fleisher was particularly offensive in this regard.

        1. Funny, as an American Jew, I often see Israel as a dog-eat-dog kind of place for Jews. I used to want to live there, but I lost that desire after Lebanon 2006, Ehud Olmert, releases of murderers in exchange for nothing, expulsion of Jews from their homes with the promise of more, endless empty threats to Israel’s enemies, and a host of other turn-offs.

  9. Fransman is, in all probability Muslim (as, judging by his name, he is either “Cape Coloured” or “Cape Malay”). One’s religion, of course, should not be a factor in whether an individual adheres to anti-semitic dogma, but it might make him more receptive to the nonsense. Anyway, I think it’s inconceivable that a pogrom against Jews could ever occur in SA. There could always be an intensification of violence against whites AND black immigrants (as happens sporadically, e.g. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2014045/South-Africa-riots-Violence-against-immigrants-spreads-to-Cape-Town.html), but whether that would impel the Jewish community to aliyah is debateable.

  10. We have good lives here, this anti-Jewish stuff is just short term political banter and it will blow over. Besides we’ve been here for generations and we have contributed so much to this country. Even the political figures who say these stupid things know how important the Jewish community is. Why would we give this all up just because a few crazy people have fled and some idiot Zionists want us to move to the Middle East?
    Said the German Jews in 1933

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