Greta Berlin Leaves Nasty Comment


Greta Berlin has responded in the comments to this post mocking her for her insistence that accusations of antisemitism against her are somehow baseless. And dare I say it, she seems rather shirty.

greta berlin comment

As you fall apart and BDS gets stronger and Israel becomes more isolated, you all go right ahead and bury your heads up your asses. In the meantime, we are overwhelmed with orders for the T-shirt, because people are sick of your constant whining. I join the ranks of Professor Falk, Stephen Hawking, Jimmy Carter, dozens of Jews who want nothing more to do with your racist country, and, oh, yes, Gilad Atzmon, who tells the truth about the terrorist state of Israel. Get used to it.

Ok, not quite as rude as the comment left by her fellow antisemite, Lauren Booth. But all Berlin’s comment is missing is a “Bwaaaaaaaa!” at the end, followed by her raising her pinky to her mouth.

Assuming she can still locate it, given all that plastic surgery.

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