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WATCH: Say My Name, Say My Name, Jeremy (Updated)

Perhaps Jeremy Corbyn follows the Iranian Press TV Style guide and only refers to Israel as the “Zionist Entity”?

The Time Is Right – We Have A Winner!

The rules are simple, the person posting the time closest to the rocket fire wins.

A Savidge Response To Hamas Rocket Fire

This CNN reporter really fell for it this time.

Video Of The Day: The Lesson Today Is How To Die

They’re shooting from everywhere they can, including schools.

“Harmless Rocket” Aftermath At Petrol Station In Ashdod

You won't think rockets from Gaza are harmless after you see this!

Great Morale In Jerusalem Hotel Bomb Shelter

This is what separates us from our enemies! Am Yisrael Chai!!

All The Better To Spy On You My Dear

For the first time in 4 years we’ve put an artificial satellite in orbit.

A Bright Future Behind Him

So we have a dead 21 year old and we’re able to talk about terrorist exploits “in his earlier days”

Even More Proof Iran Is Arming Gaza Terrorists

Iranain-made 107mm rocket used in Iraq in attacks on the MNF are the same being used by Hamas

More Proof Iran Is Arming Gaza Terrorists

Today's projectiles match those found on board the Francop
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