On this International Holocaust Remembrance Day, half the members of the Israeli Knesset have traveled to Poland,

image Jewish cemetery Europe, photo Jewish cemetery Poland, picture Holocaust rememberance

with its old Jewish cemeteries,

image Holocaust, photo concentration camp, picture Holocaust remembrance

and ghostly streets of Auschwitz.

image concentration camp memorial, photo Holocaust remembrance, picture memorial and Israeli flag

There are concentration camp memorials where many light candles for a murdered six million.

Often young people will wear an Israel flag over their shoulders on this journey to the past,

image Knesset, photo Knesset building, picture Knesset Israel

the same blue and white flag that flies at the Israeli Knesset building.

Let us remember.


3 thoughts on “International Holocaust Remembrance Day”

  1. Kaylou Fairweather

    Go back in history and find out the truth about who owns what and when. Then maybe you
    wouldn’t be so critical.

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