Jews Fight Back Against Muslim Mob In Paris


CaptureI have no words to describe how awesome this is to see…sad that we have to stoop to the level of these backward in-breeders but sometimes you just need to fight back!

This was a response to the recent anti-Jewish and racist attacks by Muslims on Jews in Paris.

In case you are confused as to what is going on, one of our readers, Raphael Amselli, gave this explanation:

This scene is happening in rue de la Roquette in Paris near the synagogue where people were held hostage for a few hours.

Coming from the right hand side are “La ligue de defense Juive” or LDJ which is a group unofficially taking care of security in events where jews may be targeted. I’d like to note here that they have a reputation for being fairly violent (which is why you may have heard that they provoked the pro-palestinians that were demonstrating nearby).

Coming from the left are pro-palestinians who I am assuming were part of the demo. It seems to me that the LDJ initially charged the arabs to get them away from the synagogue while the CRS (police riot force) arrived. Then the Police arrived and tried to separate both groups, but they are clearly in too small numbers.

The arabs then charge the police and in the process it looks like one of the LDJ guys got hurt pretty badly.

I, for one, am pretty proud that they stood up to them and, while this was unlawful, took matters into their own hands. Who knows how it would have ended if it hadn’t been for the LDJ…

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