UNRWA to Israel: The World Stands Disgraced


Yesterday’s Guardian front page obligingly quotes UNRWA’s official statement blaming Israel for mortar fire on one of its schools, and condemning the Jewish State, proclaiming in large letters, “The World Stands Disgraced.” With that one sentence, I could not agree more, but not with the UN’s reasons for saying it.

Today the world stands disgraced, for its willful failure to see the truth about who is truly responsible for inflicting such egregious harm on the people of Gaza.

The world stands disgraced, for blaming Hamas’s other victims, the people of Israel, and for claiming that Israel brought this war upon itself, in much the same way that a woman is blamed for her own rape based on her dress or appearance.

The world stands disgraced, for supporting and enabling Hamas by condemning the very people fighting against the terror group.

The world stands disgraced, for making Israel the only country in the world that is expected to fight a defensive war without any civilian casualties, the only nation that is not allowed to defend its borders and its people.

Europe stands disgraced, for proving that while its deadly anti-Semitism went underground for a few decades, it never really left, as we see firebombs thrown at a synagogue in Paris and hear chants of “Death to Israel” on the streets of Berlin.

Paris Protest
Protest on the streets of Paris

The US stands disgraced, as our President equates Hamas attacks with Israeli defense from those attacks, while he himself quietly continues to authorize extra-judicial killing of non-combatants by drone in Pakistan and Yemen.

US President Obama equates Hamas attacks with Israeli defense

The international media stands disgraced, for allowing itself to be censored by Hamas, without speaking out about such censorship, for accepting without question a terror group’s propaganda, and for allowing itself to become a Hamas pawn, complicit in the use of civilians as human shields.  In doing so, the media encourages such acts, and therefore shares blame for every civilian death in Gaza.

But most of all, the UN itself stands disgraced, for its unfathomable hypocrisy.  Only one day before UNRWA issued its statement condemning Israel,  UNRWA disclosed that for the third time, rockets were found having been stored in one of its facilities.  On the very same day that the statement against Israel was made, three Israeli soldiers were killed by explosives that detonated inside a supposed health clinic bearing a UNRWA sign.  And, again on the very same day, UNRWA’s former head was on Canadian television admitting that Hamas fires into Israel from next to UN facilities.  Yet, the UN made no attempt whatsoever to determine whether that had happened in the incident in question, or even to ask whether that had happened, but merely assumed that Israel had fired unprovoked.  For a body that purports to be neutral to continue to fail to recognize the source of the problems in Gaza, the underlying cause of every civilian death in Gaza, is nothing less than shameful.  The UN today stands disgraced.

UN Rocket Warehousing Agency Logo large


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