United Nations Rocket Warehousing Agency (Again)

UN Rocket Warehousing Agency Logo largeDing Ding – Seconds out, Round Three!

Buried (much like they hide weapons) at the end of an unrelated story on the UN site with this title: “Citing humanitarian impact, Ban warns against further escalation in Gaza conflict” we find the THIRD admission of weapons concealment by, what shall be forthwith be known as, the United Nations Rocket Warehousing Agency (UNRWA):

In a related development, UNRWA said that a cache of rockets was found today at one of its schools in central Gaza. The discovery came during a regular UNRWA inspection of the school, which was closed for the summer and not being used as a shelter. All the relevant parties have been notified.

“We condemn the group or groups who endangered civilians by placing these munitions in our school,” said UNRWA spokesperson Chris Gunness. “This is yet another flagrant violation of the neutrality of our premises. We call on all the warring parties to respect the inviolability of UN property.”

As ever we have no firm idea what they did with the rockets but the chances are high they gave them back to the terrorists. Again.

Here are the previous times they’ve done this:

The Answer To My Question: UNRWA Supplies Weapons To Hamas Terrorists

Weapons Found At UNRWA School. Again

And lets not forget that Hamas likes to fire rockets from next to these schools and sometimes these go astray.

Deaths In Beit Hanoun: Hamas Crime And UNRWA Cover-Up?

H/t to my Facebook friend John for the new name of UNRWA.


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