The Time Is Right – We Have A Winner!

We have a winner, update below:

A cynical twist to the classic “The price is right” game show, take your best shot at guessing when Hamas, or someone of their ilk, will break the ceasefire that is scheduled to end tonight at midnight local time.

The rules are simple, the person posting the time closest to the rocket fire wins.

Note, you can go over, but why would you want to lose on purpose?

Update, 19th August, 16:15

We have a winner!

As there was a 24 hour extension of the cease fire right before midnight yesterday, I extended the game by 24 hours. The one who posted the closest time was Israellycool’s very own Uri Gobey, who guessed 20:00. He was 4 hours and 15 minutes off the time, but closest nonetheless.

Congratulations Uri. It’s not an iPad, but I’m sure a lifetime supply of Color Red alerts and terrorist rocket fire is as awesome prize as anything.


Judge Dan

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