Jodi Rudoren Uses Vehemently Anti-Israel Site As Source

For some time now, Israel’s supporters have been claiming that New York Times Jerusalem Bureau Chief Jodi Rudoren is biased. Almost immediately after she began her tenure in that position, media watchdog CAMERA took note of her problematic reporting. These issues did not escape the notice of US-based, conservative, non-Jewish media commentators, either. Of course, we here at Israellycool have had plenty to say on this topic.

Until now, however, we’ve had to do serious analysis to actually explain that the Times’s reporting on Israel is slanted. That was hard work! Now, this has happened:

Jodi Rudoren has tweeted a link to Mondoweiss, a website whose founder has described himself as anti-Zionist, and which has been criticized for being anti-semitic or anti-Israel by publications ranging from Algemeiner to Haaretz. Let me say that again. Haaretz called Mondoweiss anti-Israel, saying that one of its editors, Adam Horowitz, “despises Israel to death.”

But wait, there’s more. The post she linked to discusses the resignation of Bruce M. Shipman, the Yale Reverend who recently wrote a New York Times letter to the editor claiming that IDF actions are responsible for anti-semitism in Europe. (Mondoweiss had previously praised the letter.) The resignation, writes Philip Weiss in Rudoren’s link, “seems another instance of the intense pressure to support Israel inside elite institutions, because that’s all the Israel lobby has now in the wake of Gaza…. The resignation demonstrates the pattern of blacklisting/corruption in prestige institutions that is bound to crack at some point.” In other words: Jews are responsible for anti-semitism. When someone dares to point out that Jews are responsible for anti-semitism, the Elders of Zion Israel lobby gets them blacklisted. Which is, after all, part of the reason everyone hates the Jews one of the ways that Jews contribute to the rise in anti-semitism. By tweeting this link, Jodi implies that she agrees with this sentiment.

New York TimesIt may not initially seem like it, but this tweet is actually great news. Now, we no longer have to go through such exhausting analysis to show others what is wrong with Jodi’s writing. All we have to say is, this is a person whose judgment about news and opinion is so poor, she thinks that Mondoweiss is a legitimate source of both, and she seems to agree with the proposition that there is a shady Jewish/Israel lobby that has the power to get an Episcopal chaplain fired from Yale for rightfully pointing out that Jews are responsible for antisemitism.

Thanks, Jodi! We owe you one!



A Zionist in exile, Mirabelle has, in past lives, been a lawyer, a skier, and a chef. Outside of Israel, her favorite place in the world is Sun Valley, Idaho.