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Mondoweiss Twists Heartwarming Photo of Arab and Jewish Colleagues in Prayer

Remember the heartwarming photo of Jewish and Muslim MDA medics praying together, each according to their traditions?

Cartoonist Carlos Latuff Spreads the Antisemitism Virus

Trust antisemitic cartoonist Carlos Latuff, (with some help from MondoScheisse) to team up for this

Antisemitic Rag Mondoweiss Makes Libelous Claim I Oppose Efforts To Fight Antisemitism

The suggestion I somehow object to Zioness opposing antisemitism is outright libelous.

Mondoweiss Disses Israel’s Warnings to Gaza Civilians to Evacuate Before Air Strikes

Anti-Israel site Mondoweiss have published a piece essentially complaining that Israel had the audacity to try to prevent civilian casualties when targeting Hamas and Islamic Jihad sites in Gaza.

Linda Sarsour Links To Antisemitic Piece By Hate Site Mondoweiss

With many people of the opinion Sarsour is an antisemite, her conduct here will do little to dispel that notion

The Alt-Right And Alt-Left Join Forces Against Zionism

It is imperative we understand the threats not just of the Alt-Right but of the Alt-Left as well.

When Death Is The Alternative, Israel Isn’t So Bad

Remind us again how much you think Israel should hand back the Golan Heights to Syria

Klout Suggests…

That Krazy Klout

Jodi Rudoren Uses Vehemently Anti-Israel Site As Source

A person whose judgment about news is so poor, she thinks that Mondoweiss is a legitimate source

BDSHole Joseph Dana Now Writing Articles Promoting Tourism In Israel!

And anti-Israel publication +972 may just have helped him

A Case Study In Anti-Israel Intellectual Laziness

Where I cane "Citizen"
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