Roger Waters At Russell Tribunal On Palestine, And Other Bad Performances


Last week, an “extraordinary” session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine found evidence of war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of murder, extermination and persecution and incitement to genocide.

According to the jury – which reads like a who’s who of Israel-hating scum and villainy (including Roger Waters, Max “Blabbermouth” Blumenthal, David Sheen, Mads “Max” Gilbert and Ken “Cock” Loach) – it was Israel who perpetrated such crimes, not Hamas.

Here are some “highlights” from the kangaroo court.

If you can’t stomach watching the entire almost-9 minutes, note the following:

  • Loach citing stories of supposed Israeli atrocities (1:20), despite not witnessing any of them himself. One has to wonder whether Hamasholes were supplying him with these “testimonies”
  • Blumenthal comparing Israel to Hannibal Lecter (1:37)
  • Sheen claiming ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem (a blatant lie), followed by some cherry-picked statements by some Rabbis, as if representative of the Israeli mentality (2:25). What he does not mention is the context, opposition to such statements – including the arrest of one of the Rabbis – and the finding that the statement of one of them “may have differed in a legally significant way from the statements attributed to him.” The real, genocidal statements of Hamas, however, do not seem to bother him.
  • Roger Waters singing a song called “If I Had Been God,” which includes the line “I believe I might have done a better job.” (5:40)

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