Jerusalem Formula Road Show Stunt Super Stars


The second ever Jerusalem Formula Road Show,

image drivers of Jerusalem Road show in

with “Peace” missing in its official name,

image Jerusalem Road Show

started an hour late, just like last year.

image race car

The track was better

image Israeli sports car driver

and this show featured more Israeli drivers.

image Jerusalem Formula Road Show

The cars were loud and fast

image at Towere ofm DAvid road show

and beautiful machines.

image rider in Jerusalem Road show

But as last year the motorcycles stole the show.

image motorcycle stunt

The stunt drivers were flying

image motorcycle in the ait

through the air

image motorcycle upside down

over and

over again, to appreciate the spectacle you need video.

Love it or hate it,

image Jerusalem

thousands of people, hundreds of families were out lining the streets for the show. Note the woman in orange at the front.

image Muslim woman at road show

Update: After two afternoons of the road show, with crowds waiting in hot sun, have not heard any reports of violence. The percentage of Arab population, including women and children, of course, not mentioned in main stream media.

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