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Anti-Israel Moron Of The Day: Farrah Colgan

Meet Farrah Colgan, an English student who seems to think she knows what she is talking about when it comes to the Israeli-Arab conflict.

She doesn’t.

Here she is promoting the boycott of Israel. She seems to be really confused.

Here are some of the ways.

  • The pendant showing all of Israel (which gives away the BDSHoles’ true aims, and exposes their lie they support the two-state solution)
  • Looking for the definition of “boycott” on her Israeli-powered smartphone.
  • Claiming there are 6,000,000 palestinian refugees. According to UNRWA, there are about 1,000,000 less than this, even according to their ridiculously broad definition
  • Claiming Israel has been “illegally occupying Palestine by military force for over 50 years”? Leaving aside the fact there was no state of Palestine, if she is referring to the Six Day War, that was less than 50 years ago and the territories were captured legally. If she is referring to the establishment of the state of Israel, that was 66 years ago, and neither illegal nor by military force, given it was via declaration recognized by the UN
  • Claiming there is an illegal blockade of Gaza? Nope

In the description to this May video, she writes “youtube has decided to be retarded, it was to be expected due to the fact that youtube is a zionist corporation.” Which doesn’t stop her from, you know, not boycotting it!

In this next video, she attempts to rebut “Israel’s top 5 lies.”

“Highlights” include:

  • The entire introduction
  • Claiming Israel has the 4th largest army in the world? Nope, although this seems to be a favorite of the anti-Israel hating crowd.
  • Claiming Israel has chemical weapons which we regularly use on palestinian children? Nope, and would also be really dumb, considering our proximity to the palestinians.
  • Claiming the US gives Israel weapons of mass destruction? Sorry, not the US, and not Israel.
  • Claiming Israel has “really good software that can kill people.” It must be really good.
  • Talking about supposed Israeli genocide before saying “My hair’s really annoying me”
  • Claiming Gaza is under illegal military occupation. A lie.
  • Claiming humanitarian supplies cannot make it into Gaza. Another lie.
  • “Like killing fish in a barrel.” At least get your cliches right.
  • Claiming if you are a palestinian child living in Gaza, you have already “lived through 3 genocides”! I wonder if she understands the irony of that statement.
  • Claiming Hamas rockets are “nothing more than glorified fireworks” which are “crap” and “don’t do anything”
  • Claiming that under international law “the oppressed have the right to fight against the oppressor, by any means necessary.” Leaving aside the invalidity of her oppressed/oppressor analogy, I am intrigued as to in which international law document this appears.
  • Claiming when palestinians fight against Israel (such as when Hamas fires rockets), they are really just abiding by international law!
  • Claiming the whole of Gaza is “densely populated.” Bollocks.
  • Claiming Hamas is not hiding bombs under schools and mosques, despite even the mainstream media and the UN saying otherwise.

Notice how she looks a bit like Lily Allen? Kind of fitting really.

As to the point of this post – given she is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed – as long as people swallow up these lies, I’ll continue to shine a spotlight on the lies and their purveyors.

6 thoughts on “Anti-Israel Moron Of The Day: Farrah Colgan”

  1. I feel sorry for all these female activists. Why a normal woman would engage in hateful activism? Seems they all get too little attention from men.

  2. This airhead seems to be low-hanging fruit with little influence or credibility in social media. Why bother giving her more attention?

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