Jerusalem Terror Attack Caught On Tape

There’s an ongoing Intifada in Jerusalem right now. It’s been a violent several months since the murder of the 3 teenagers and the onslaught of the Kerry Intifada. Oh, you know, when John Kerry threatened Israel with Palestinian terrorism?

There have been dozens of attacks DAILY, be it smashed windows, burnt vehicles, live fire, and firebombs.

This incident, filmed by the terrorists themselves, happened last night.

This has been the reality here in Jerusalem for a while, and it’s only a matter of time till someone gets killed. The police chiefs are uninterested in doing something that will cost them their job, so the current strategy is to hush everything.

If you want to be up-to-date in ongoing Arab terror in Jerusalem, you should follow the following Facebook group. It’s in Hebrew, but a Google translate will help:

Terror in Jerusalem must stop


Judge Dan

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