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Kerry and Zarif

John Kerry Cannot Be Trusted, Whichever Way You Look at It

John Kerry has denied he released information on Israeli airstrikes in Syria to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, contrary to what the latter claimed in a leaked interview

Obama Wins 2nd Nobel Prize for Creating the Israeli-Saudi Alliance

The electrified crowd burst into applause when Mr. Obama strode into the room to accept his prize. "Please excuse my lateness, I was leading from behind...Then again, we are the one we've been waiting for."

Report: John Kerry Told Abbas “Hold On and Be Strong”; Instructed Him to Attack...

Like Jimmy Carter, John Kerry seems to be proving himself to be as much of a nuisance out of office as he was in it. 
Khameini is in trouble! Quick, let's fly him $1.7 Billion stacked on pallets! The Daily Freier

Khameini is in Trouble! Quick, Let’s Fly Him $1.7 Billion Stacked on Pallets!

Former Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry: I actually was for these protests, before I was against them.

Recordings Demonstrate the Dangerous Ignorance of John Kerry

It is actually scary just out of touch with reality he was, and presumably still is

Media Buries The Real Reasons Kerry’s Peace Efforts Failed

Kerry: “an absolute idiot when it comes to negotiations”

MUST WATCH: Absolutely Brilliant Ami Horowitz Completely Destroys Israeli Checkpoint #FakeNews

The media are telling #FakeNews all the time and eventually it comes out of the mouth of John Kerry.
Yemin Moshe street Jerusalem's oldest neighborhood

10 Jerusalem Photos For John Kerry On The Way Out

Some photos that capture the reality on the Jerusalem streets

WATCH: Diamond And Silk: “We Stand With Israel!”

In their latest video, the duo rip Obama and Kerry for the way they have treated Israel.

WATCH: John Lizard Kerry

It seems I was not the only one to notice John Kerry sticking his tongue out incessantly during yesterday's speech

Reader Post: Obama – Two Birds, One UNSC Resolution

Reader Charlotte offers her thoughts on what we have just seen
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