Little Baby Murdered And The Associated Press Goes Full Evil


Yahoo AP Israeli Police Shoot landscapeA car veers off the road, crosses a central reservation and ploughs into a crowded light rail station in Jerusalem. A three month old baby is murdered and many people are injured. The driver tries to run away and the Associated Press uses this headline:

Israeli police shoot man in east Jerusalem

It’s hard to describe how evil this is. It immediately (and automatically) was pushed out by Yahoo! and hundreds of other sites that just run any AP story without modification.

It’s all over Google News and the Middle Eastern sites are loving it.

Many people are blaming Yahoo! That’s not entirely fair, the real evil was done by the headline writers at AP. It matters not that they’ve changed the headline now (many times). The damage is done.

The AP need to be kicked out of Israel. I’m too angry to even link to all the pieces I should.

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