Jerusalem Terrorist Attack: 3-Month-Old Child Murdered

This evening in Jerusalem, a terrorist rammed his car into a crowd of people waiting at the Ammunition Hill station of Jerusalem’s Light Rail, murdering a 3-month-old American girl, and wounding 8 other people.

photo credit:TAZPIT

photo credit:TAZPIT

According to a senior police official, the attack, which was captured by a security camera, took place at the Ammunition Hill light rail stop a few hundred meters from Israel’s national police headquarters, situated across a densely traveled thoroughfare, shortly after 6 p.m.

“The vehicle ran over a number of people, including several Americans, as they exited the train, and the suspect was shot when he attempted to flee the scene by foot,” the official said, requesting anonymity until the US State Department confirms the American casualties.

“Nine people were injured, three seriously, including an American infant who died after sustaining critical injuries,” he continued.

The official described the suspect as a convicted terrorist who served a recent prison sentence in Israel, but did not state if he was released during the 2011 Gilad Schalit prisoner exchange, or this year’s release of roughly 75 convicted Palestinian terrorists during peace negotiations.

All the victims of the attack were promptly transported to area hospitals for treatment, he said.

While conflicting reports have surfaced regarding the suspect’s condition, as of 9:30 p.m. the official said he is in critical condition.

According to PMO spokesperson Ofir Gendelman, the terrorist was a Hamashole.

He also posted footage of the attack.

Hamas have yet to claim responsibility (give it time), but Israeli PM Netanyahu directed his anger at PA leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in wake of the attack, saying: “This is how Abu Mazen (Abbas’) partners in government work,” Netanyahu said, referring to the Palestinian unity government comprising Hamas and Fatah that Israel has consistenly opposed. “This is the same Abbas that only a few days ago called for harming Jews in Jerusalem.”

The US State Department responded by urging restraint. I kid you not.

Following the attack, US State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf said she could not confirm or deny the citizenship of the victims, and “urged restraint” and called on all parties to “maintain calm,” as US and Israeli officials continue to gather facts on the incident.

And how did the AP decide to report it?

yahoo news

While the headline has since been changed on Yahoo News to Palestinian kills baby at Jerusalem station, the URL betrays the original one.

As CAMERA notes, “there were clearly enough details available at the time, even with the news still in the hazy “breaking” stage, that the inappropriate and misleading headline should never have appeared on the story.”

In other words, nothing has changed. Palestinians continue to perpetrate terrorism against us – deliberately targeting civilians – and the media and US State Department conduct themselves exactly as expected.

Updates (Israel time):

10:50PM: I see Brian posted about the AP headline already.

10:55PM: According to Steve Linde of the JPost, Hamas did claim responsibility.

Although he has not provided a source.

He also reports the baby killed has been identified as Haya Zissel, a granddaughter of the Halperin family who own Optica Halperin.

11:00PM: Heartbreaking photo.

11:10PM: My heart breaks even more.

“Her parents waited for a child for many years during which they did not merit to have children,” said grandfather Shimon Halperin. “Today they were coming back from praying at the Kotel (Western Wall) and a terrorist came and ran over their baby.”

He told of her parents’ joy after she was born, and described how he enjoyed playing with his granddaughter during her tragically short life. He and his wife had just arrived in Israel from the US to meet his grandchild, but only had a few short hours with her.

“The parents are in trauma and are trying to digest the news.”


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