This Week In Anti Israel Music

Wow! A week in music entertainment. Especially in the infrequently explored genre called, “Music that makes Jews say WTF.”

1. Run-Over DMC

run over the settler

In the long-awaited follow-up to this summer’s smash hit “Tkof T’aaseh Biguim” (Attack, Commit Terror), which spawned many totally serious cover versions, Israel’s peace partners have released a new hit number called, “Run Over The Settler.” with catchy lyrics that completely remove the funny out of Borat’s “Throw The Jew Down The Well“, such as:

“For you, glorious Al-Aqsa ?
We’ll run over settlers
?Lay an ambush on the road
And run them over, Allah will aid you

Run them over, burn the next in line
Don’t leave a single settler ?
Wait for them at the intersection
Let the settler drown in red blood
Terrorize them ?

Run [them] over, destroy, annihilate, blow them up; ?
Don’t let the Zionist live long
O Al-Aqsa, we’re your defenders?
O son of Jerusalem, cry ‘Allah is great’!”

Man it’ll take days for me to get rid of that earworm.

2. Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj

Although not “anti-Israel” per se, this video raises a few eyebrows as it leaves viewers wondering, “Why does Nicki Minaj still have a career in music, and why doesn’t she just get it overwith and be a pornstar already?”

The music is… sorry. I can’t call this music, this is porn with a beat and I’m pretty liberal with these kinds of things. Listen at your own discretion.

This video also dabbles in oh I don’t know… Nazism. Not that this is a new thing. I mean 35 years ago, Roger Waters did the exact same thing and he turned out just… … o…k… moving on…

3. 2 Unite All… Jew haters

2 unite all

It’s a benefit album people. For healing and peace in Gaza and the Middle East. Whoever titled this album clearly wanted to separate Gaza from the Middle East because they’ve never heard of Syria.

That’s right, in the style of Live Aid and We Are The World, music stars from all over are raising funds for the second wealthiest terror organization on the planet. And no… don’t say “it’s for the people of Gaza and not Hamas” because we all know Hamas didn’t get that rich selling cookies.

Look who’s on the roster of this benefit album. There’s “not anti-Israel” Peter Gabriel who completely shocked my monkey with his appearance.

Not sure what you were thinking when I said that
Not sure what you were thinking when I said that

As well as System Of A Down frontman, Serj Tankian who has been very vocal during Operation Protective Edge on Twitter, and 2 drummers who have between them 3 arms and a misguided conscience, Rick Allen and Stewart Copeland.

4. The Endless River


After 20 years we finally have new Pink Floyd! The reason the new album is called the “Endless River” is because David Gilmour hasn’t stopped playing the same song since Momentary Lapse of Reason in 1986.

Why does this belong on the same list as Run Over The Settler you ask? Didn’t the antisemitic Pink Floyd member leave the band in the early 80’s?

Nope. David Gilmour and Nick Mason are both in that stupid club for jerks.

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