So I Glorified An Axe Murderer

Remember when Rolling Stone magazine turned the Boston Marathon bomber into a rock star with a cover picture and the whole world went nuts?

Haaretz calls that a “Wednesday”.

Here are the pictures Haaretz used to illustrate a story of the family of the Har Nof Synagogue Massacre’s perpetrators in the last 8 hours:

haaretz axe murder 2   haaretz axe murder 1

Just pulls the heartstrings doesn’t it?

What if the New York Times gave us a touching story about 9/11 perpetrator Mohamed Atta’s family barely a week after the attack?

Do they expect us to feel bad?

Let me be loud and clear about this, Haaretz.

I don’t care what happens to the terrorists’ remains. I don’t care what happens to their families who supported their actions. Stop trying to make other people care.



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