The Brooklyn Stabbing: Things We Won’t See Happen

Last night, New Yorkers, Israelis and Jews once again fell victim to an attack. An attack that some may even draw similarities to the Har Nof massacre Israelis were horrified to wake up to only 2 short weeks ago.

At about 1:40 am a man entered the Chabad-Lubavitch Center in Brooklyn, NY, and attempted to kill a man by stabbing him in the head. When NYPD responded, they were threatened with a knife while attempting to subdue him and shot him to death.

In the initial reports, terrorism is not suspected, rather bipolarism and a history of mental illness is to blame, although reports claim he screamed “Kill the Jews” in the act, so draw your own conclusions.

What we do know is that the attack ended just like Har Nof. Cops killed the attacker.

Now here’s a list of what we won’t see happen:

  1. State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki calling for an inquiry into why live bullets were used.
  2. Backwards ambiguous headlines
  3. A call for both sides to exercise restraint while assigning equal blame
  4. An emergency UN session
  5. Sad pictures of the attacker’s family
  6. An article from The New York Times downplaying the killer’s actions

Even with the additional scrutiny police in America are under lately thanks to the whole Ferguson thing, none of these things will happen. Because Israel is special.

It’s all part of the long list of things other countries can do without blinking an eye, but when Israel does it, receives worldwide condemnation. Just today the UK stripped a man of citizenship for terror ties. When Israel did the same thing, it’s a war crime.

The following however, is what you MAY actually see (h/t @LahavHarkov).

That’s right folks, the police shot the black man.

15 thoughts on “The Brooklyn Stabbing: Things We Won’t See Happen”

  1. Wonder if that Jew-hater Al Sharpton is going to try to posthumously dub the attacker Calvin Peters as yet another “gentle giant”.

  2. Hard Little Machine

    The victim is Israeli. Someone ask Marie Harf or Jen Psaki if they can utter the word “Israel”. I bet they’d burst into flame if they tried.

  3. ahad_ha_amoratsim

    #7. Candy and sweets being passed out by the attacker’s friends and family.
    #8. Eric Holder calling for a national conversation about attacks on Jews.
    #9. Jews blocking roads, burning tires, or setting fire to stores.

  4. FYI- some of the usual suspects are trying to say NYpD acted wrong and linking this to Garner, etc…. NYPD is going to need all our help, please.

  5. sad all around. I pray for the complete and total recovery of the student…may he be well and safe, always. as for the attacker: obviously sick…The NY police tried to get him to drop the weapon. How hard to hear the Rabbis and others pleading with the Police to not shoot….Yes, we are a People of the Book, and we do not wish for violence.

  6. I know the 60’s were good to me but I cannot for the life of me follow most of “What you won’t see”. Can anyone explain to the mental handicap? Thanks

    1. ahad_ha_amoratsim

      It’s not that hard. It is a contrast between the way the US government and culture reacts when a Jew is attacked here rh’l versus their reaction when a Jew is attacked in Israel rh’l.

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