Hamas Not a Terror Org Rules ECJ

Bassem Eid was the op-ed writer who unleashed the fury of UNWRA’s Chris Gunness against the Jerusalem Post on Twitter. Eid and his family were among a group of 500 Arab families in Old City that were moved in June 1966 to Shuafat refugee camp. (Please note date: a year before 1967!) As an insider and human rights activist, he has not been a big fan of Israeli governments.

Though Eid would not comment on the leadership of Gunness, he came out strongly against the leadership of the PA and Hamas.

There were many points I wanted to share from his talk at the Jerusalem Press Club. However, the with the EU court deciding to take Hamas off their list of terror list, there is one point that is extremely important.

Eid was clear that the PA and Hamas have one goal, and it is not resolving the conflict or improving the daily life of their people. Hamas wants to improve its resistance, improve its military resistance, and that is it. Hamas has “improved the school curriculum to kill Jews, to kill more Jews and to incite against Jews.”

In UNWRA schools children as young as 7 or 8 are taught to become shahid, to go to heaven by killing themselves and murdering Jews.

The Hamas leadership over the summer showed that its goal of resistance equals terror for Israel and its own (Hamas terrorist) people. That was the main message of Hamas as these leaders hid in luxury far away from the Gaza Strip or underground during the entire course of Operation Protective Edge.

How can Hamas be removed from any terror list? How can the EU or US ignore Eid’s warnings?

A group with the singular goal of murdering people, a group that teaches killing, can only be a terror organization.


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