Guest Post (“Tina Shahida”): Gaza Girls Premiere of “Rocket Launcher”

Tina Shahida, lead singer of Gaza Girls, here. You may remember me and my backup burka dancers from our “Kill All the Jews” debut hit (over 100K views – onto a million!)

I wanted to premiere on this evil Zionist site my new video so that all you Jew..ehh, I mean Zionists know you have been warned. We will kill Israel. Until it doesn’t exist.

I also wanted to show you hasbaraholes that your’re not the only ones who could do parodies to pop songs. Yeah, we did a parody to that major hit “Chandelier” by Sia.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to turn that American garbage into something meaningful, with an important humanitarian message. Sia depicted a little drunk girl at a party. Well, we’re depicting our dedication to being drunk (in a good way) on hatred of Israel. My immodest attire (warning to my religious friends) is justified by the holy cause of killing Israel.

So check out our version, “Rocket Launcher,” because we’ll be swinging on a “Rocket Launcher” near you!

Tina Shahida and the Gaza Girls

* Gaza Girls is a fictional band created by journalist, author, and new media sensation Orit Arfa to expose the racist, genocidal and fraudulent nature of the “Free Palestine” movement. 


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