17-Year-Old Boy Killed During Operation Protective Edge Confirmed As Terrorist


On July 30th, 2014, the PCHR (Palestinian Center for Human Rights) reported about the following Gazan deaths during Operation Protective Edge:

At approximately 18:30, IOF aircraft fired a missile at a drone motorcycle drag cart “ticked” in the market Monday in Bani Suhaila village, killing four civilians, including two children. The dead are: Mohamed Shawky Mustafa Abu Hammad, 26, and Ahmed Ismail Mohammed Abu Hammad, 31, and Mohammed Mustafa Ismail Abu Hammad, 14 years old, Muhannad Ashraf Ismail Qara 17 years.

The Israel haters always point to the deaths of the children, who are counted as clear-cut civilians, and even my reader-lead analyses of the casualty figures were based on the assumption that males of fighting age are in the 18 years-to-38-years age bracket. Although I always acknowledged the possibility that some of the younger casualties may also have been combatants.

Now we have confirmation – from Islamic Jihad themselves – that the 17-year-old “civilian” mentioned by PCHR above was one of their terrorists (hat tip: Judge Dan).

More here.

The obituaries mention also Mohamed Shawky Mustafa Abu Hammad as being a “shaheed”, which would indicate he was also a terrorist. Considering the other two killed were members of his family, they were either also active terrorists, or human shields.

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