One Of These Is Not Like The Other

Six English language Israeli news sites reported on the passing of Adele Biton. One of them downplayed the severity of what maimed her. Can you guess which one?

It should come as no surprise that Ha’aretz downplays Palestinian terrorism.

After all, it was one of their star writers, Gidon Levy, who urged Palestinians to throw stones and petrol bombs, claiming it’s their right and duty.

They don’t want Israel to continue tyrannizing them, so they resist. They hurl stones and firebombs. That’s what resistance looks like. Sometimes they act with heinous murderousness, but even that is not as bad as their occupier’s built-in violence.

It’s their right; it’s their duty.

Haaretz: still evil.



Judge Dan

Dan Smith has been exposing anti-Israel fallacies since the first time he opened the world wide web on Netscape Navigator, sometime in the late 90's. His lack of formal journalistic, political and sociological education means he is still capable of objective, unbiased views and opinions. A judge of media, pundits and media pundits.

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