Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day: Richard Kilgour


Meet actor Richard Kilgour. According to his resume:

I’m an intelligent, versatile actor with the ability to fully inhabit a part. I have a mobile and expressive face and clear, articulate voice. My natural accent is mildly London-ish but can be convincingly posh or common and I’m capable of regional and foreign accents.

These foreign accents include “Israeli” and Yiddish. But no mistake about it – he hates Israel and Jews.

His Facebook page reveals his hatred of Israel is based on a pathological hatred of Jews.

According to this resume,

I’ve only quite recently returned to acting, having largely switched attention from being a musician for theatre, TV, radio and film. I had a good deal of stage acting experience when young, playing Fagin in “Oliver!”

I’m sure he enjoyed that role immensely (hat tip: Ambrosine and Mark).

Update: Since Kilgour removed his Facebook posts after this expose (and I forgot to take screenshots), here are some other examples of his antisemitism.

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