George Galloway Gets Some Unwanted Support From Antisemite

Israel hater George Galloway does not like to be called “antisemitic.”

So much so, he recently announced he is suing Guardian journalist Hadley Freeman over her suggestion he is, following his recent appearance on Question Time.

Now self-proclaimed antisemite Joshua Bonehill has pledged to financially back Galloway’s re-election campaign.

joshua bonehillMuch to George Galloway’s dismay and given the fact that he can’t stand me, I decided to do the honorable thing and back his re-election campaign.

Being a working class man of little fortune, I could only afford to back Mr. Galloway to the tune of £1 but I know that it’s a pound of my Anti-Semitic money being spent on his re-election campaign.

George is running his re-election campaign via the website, so far he has managed to raise £13,191 out of his £20,000 target and he has just 10 days to go in order to reach it. So far, Mr. Galloway has 362 backers and I’m proud to say that I’m one of them.

You may question why it is that I’ve chosen to back a Race-Mixer and Left-Wing Marxist, well the answer is relatively simple. Mr. Galloway is calling for all Jews to be banned from Bradford, he’s also taken a hard stance against Jewry over the years and represents the growing tide of Anti-Jewry in Britain. I don’t for one minute support George Galloway as a man, nor do I support his “Respect party” but I will support anybody who takes hard action against Jewry.

By keeping George Galloway in office, when he appears on such television programmes as Question Time, we can count on the Jewish question being raised and discussed on a National level. Any attention given to the Jews that portrays them in the light that they should be portrayed, negatively, is a brilliant step forward for the White Nationalist movement.

So with that, I call upon all National Socialists, White Nationalists and Anti-Semites to back George Galloway’s re-election campaign. You can do so by visiting this website.

Of course we disagree with this man in principle, we do not support his Marxist views or the Respect Party, but we can support his Antisemitism. George Galloway in that sense is a springboard to mainstream legitimization and national recognition of the Jewish problem.

Whilst Galloway maintains his seat in parliament, there will be a voice that condemns Jewry. If Galloway doesn’t remain in Parliament then there will be no voice. This is not about the man, this is about the message, so bear this in mind!

When I am paid next week, I’ll be further contributing £100 to Mr. Galloway’s re-election campaign.

Lets see if we can’t collectively fund the other half of George Galloway’s campaign.

Hail Victory!

Joshua Bonehill

Galloway’s not going to be happy about this.

The question is, will Galloway now sue Bonehill for saying he opposes Jews?

Could be time to break out the bag of popcorn.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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