Latest Blood Libel: Fake Israeli Police Brutality Edition


The following photo has been disseminated by the Israel hating crowd – including the ever (un)reliable Richard Silverstein – and is being passed off as Israeli policemen brutalizing a palestinian woman.

Silverstein also includes it in this post:

Happy International Women’s Day: Signed, Your Friends in the Israeli Police!

dickie post

As is typical with such blood libels against Israel (and Silverstein’s posts), something seemed amiss straight away.

For a start, the uniforms are not those worn by Israeli riot police, who look like this:

israeli police 1

Or this:

israeli police 2

The hats in the photo look similar to those of the regular Israeli police. But not quite.

israeli police 3

In fact, the hats worn in the photo seem to be from a kid’s costume!


costume 2

Because they are hats from a kid’s costume, the brims are too short, and the fake policemen seem to have extended them with real hats.


Then there’s also the matter of the gun in the photo not being Israeli police department issue.

In other words, this is fake.

Incidentally, Silverstein knew there were question marks regarding the authenticity of the photo and even asked for a source.

Despite not receiving a source nor proof it was authentic, he went ahead and posted it anyway. Because spreading the truth is not his agenda. Damaging Israel is.

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