Ali Abunimah #Fail At University of Michigan

Ali Abunimah at U Mich
Ali Abumination addresses students at University of Michigan

Proponents of the hate-spewing, anti-Semitic BDS movement apparently pulled out all the stops at yesterday’s vote at the University of Michigan’s Central Student Government, bringing Electronic Intifada co-founder and Hamas supporter Ali Abunimah to agitate in favor of a divestment resolution. Michigan students, however, saw through Abunimah’s hatred and lies, and rejected the resolution by a vote of 29-15.

The Michigan Daily, the university’s campus newspaper, reports that

The meeting began with guest speaker Ali Abunimah, a Palestinian American journalist who writes for The Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times, speaking in favor of the divestment resolution.

Abunimah called the situation in Palestine an emergency and said social change needs to occur. He said he did not believe a peace process is currently being discussed between Israel and Palestine.

“Just a few weeks ago, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected after publicly repudiating the two-state solution and saying he would never allow a Palestinian state on his watch,” he said.

Abunimah compared divestment from the companies listed in the resolution to divestment for apartheid South Africa.

“We heard the argument divestment is divisive,” he said. “But, who looks back now and says divestment in Africa was a mistake.”

Ever the gracious loser, here’s what Abumination had to say this morning:

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