UN Realizes Focus On Israel Harms Others, Apologizes


In a surprising move by the United Nations, a resolution has narrowly passed admitting that the world body has unfairly judged Israel at the expense of actual world human rights abusers for the last half century.

After realizing they have become a laughing stock by accepting at face value constant accusations by the likes of Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Syria and Iran, most of the normal countries finally grouped together and collectively thought, “What have we become?”

The UN will begin repealing all anti-Israel resolutions effective immediately, as well as introduce a new resolution called, “Zionist Is Totally Not Racism, Anyone Who Thinks Otherwise Is Jew Hating Scum”.

This article is totally true. Pay no attention to what date it happened to be published.



I'm a Canadian Israeli, Aliyah Class of '10. You may know me as tweeter @notantisemitic but here I'll tickle your Zionist bone in other ways.

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