Where We Almost Make Chris Gunness Cry


What makes UNRWA’s Chris Gunness cry? We already know the answer to that question – dead Gazan civilians (aka Hamas’ human shields)

Certainly not dead Israelis.

And you know what else? When he thinks people hate him.

Thanks to Elder of Ziyon for finding that tweet. Although Gunness did not make “that bad Photoshop from an old TV show.”

We are responsible for it! (and it is not too bad at all)

Here’s what happened. Joe, our resident cartoonist (also handy at Photoshop) created the graphic and Deebo tweeted it to Gunness (forgetting to watermark it with the Israellycool logo).

I have docked Deebo’s pay for a month for this indiscretion but the fact remains – we can make UNRWA heads cry!

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