Israel Government New Official Kosher Photo

First, was the hot news story of the new Israeli Government Official Photo on an ultra-Orthodox media site, (how do you have such a site if the internet is not to be used by ultra-Orthodox?) distorting the faces of the three new female ministers.

Then, a version of the photo with Muppets was spread on Twitter.

image Muppet faces on Israeli government face

Bets are this photo controversy buzz could last longer than this 4th Netanyahu coalition government. So here is the inside scoop on the official posed photo of new ministers with PM Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin.

pose for original official photo

Gil Hoffman jokes that Israelis are not so good at physical sports, so politics has become a favorite sport.

Another thing Israelis are not so good at – red carpet events. The arrival of the new government ministers to Beit Hanasi for the official toast and photo, was on a red carpet. However, it was nothing like walking the red carpet at the Oscars .

New Israeli ministers arrive at Bet Hanasi

Silvan Shalom walked the carpet between Ayelet Shaked and Miri Regev and was looking good. Wow, notice how modestly the two women were dressed compared to the red carpet NY Met Gala. 

Ayelet Shaked talking to press

Ayelet Shaked was one of the ministers who stopped to speak to the eager and waiting press.

Uri Ariel arriving at Bet Hanasi for photo

While Uri Ariel followed behind, hardly noticed. Ariel and Benny Begin stayed true to Israeli fashion with no jacket or tie. It was midday in a heat wave.

Ayelet Shaked at Beit Hanasi new minister

Some people look good in photos,

Naftali Bennett

others needed a little help to get ready for their official photo.

Beit Hanasi Rivlin and Netanyahu

We will not show who talked the whole time the Prime Minister delivered his official remarks, but the President was listening. Then the “raising of a glass” was taken literally.

Beit Hanasi new ministers toast

All the ministers were offered a glass of red or white wine. Maybe a few took a sip or two. But no wonder the government wine budget is so high, the unfinished glasses were all quickly collected. Then it was finally time to pose for the official photo. Proper placing for perfect photo of Israel’s new government took several minutes.

Bennett and Deri and other ministers


waiting for photo

three.    Smile.

Look this way please!

RealJStreets prepared a special kosher photo for Israellycool.

photo shop of official photo Israel government

All three female ministers are smiling. Miri Regev’s skirt is covering her knees, and there are no controversial ministers.

How we would love for the official photo to be the biggest big controversy of this 20th Knesset.



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