Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day: Robert Martin Of Melbourne, Victoria (Updated)

Meet Robert Martin, a fellow Aussie who I only learned about today (hat tip: ExMuslim).

He claims to be “AntiZionism”

martin twitter

His Twitter timeline is a case-study in pathological hatred for all things Israel.

In this video, he explains his “motivation”, including a defense of Hamas and calling “Zionists” a “sick cult.”

So he would have you believe he’s just a guy wanting human rights for the palestinians, who opposes the “Zionists.”

And like most self-proclaimed “anti-Zionists,” he posts this tired, old meme:

martin fb

Alas, poor Robert cannot keep up the charade all the time, and he’s gotten a bit sloppy.

martin retweet

The irony is those Jews in the above photo he retweeted approvingly are likely not Zionists.


There’s also this.

Forgot the “Z” word, Robert.

So there you have it. Robert, I suggest you embrace your Jew hatred. You wear it better than that cap of yours.

Update: I wonder how he treats Jewish clients of Robert Martin Realty (where his only other employee is palestinian).

Once you meet Robert you will never forget him, he leaves a lasting impression with everyone he meets..


Either way, some of his other clients don’t seem overly impressed.

Thanks to I Support Israel for the detective work.

Update: Looks like others previously noted his antisemitism – and left comments on his business’ Facebook page!

Update: Martin seems to be somehow involved with a very antisemitic Facebook page (or at the very least tagged by the admins and not exactly speaking out against it!)

martin fb 2martin fb 4

Update: Robert gets sloppy again.

robert martin

9 thoughts on “Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day: Robert Martin Of Melbourne, Victoria (Updated)”

    1. Ye stole me word. I was just about to write it too!! But you’re right of course. A F*CKTARD is exactly what he is.

  1. The guy is disgusting. Go on Facebook and look at the Antisemitic comments about Gassing Jews etc. It’s full of Antisemitic racist incitement.

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