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Just-In: Beeber Admits To Substituting Word “Israelis” for “Jews”

I am sure most of you are already convinced of the BBC’s bias already. If not, you might just have rocks in your head (or as the BBC might call them, harmless stones).

This next revelation deserves to get a lot of traction: A BBC documentary maker has admitted to substituting a crucial word.

bbc stillA BBC documentary has substituted the word “Israelis” for “Jews” in its translation of interviews with Palestinians, its maker has admitted.

Lyse Doucet has stood by the decision to translate “yahud” as “Israeli” in subtitles on her hour-long documentary Children of the Gaza War, which airs on BBC Two tonight.

The correct translation for “yahud” from Arabic to English is “Jew”.

The BBC’s chief international correspondent said that Gazan translators had advised her that Palestinian children interviewed on the programme who refer to “the Jews” actually meant Israelis.

In one instance, a Gazan child says the “yahud” are massacring Palestinians. However the subtitles read: “Israel is massacring us”.

Canada-born Ms Doucet said: “We talked to people in Gaza, we talked to translators. When [the children] say ‘Jews’, they mean ‘Israelis’.

“We felt it was a better translation of it.”

She added: “We checked this again yesterday.

“We are not trying to cover it up – we took advice on it and that was the advice we were given by translators.”

And why is this crucial?

We know palestinian children are fed on a diet of Jew hatred. We know this from the great work of organizations like Palestinian Media Watch and MEMRI, clips from whom are regularly posted on here. So when the children speak of the “yahud”, that is exactly who they mean.

By substituting the words, the BBC is tampering with the truth. Those less enlightened than readers of this blog will think the children are directing their anger and hatred at Israelis, because of the so-called “occupation” or some other construct, rather than the very real antisemitism they are taught from a very young age.

Ms Doucet (or perhaps that should be translated Douchet),  you must realize your “translators told us” excuse is bogus. Of course consulting with the “people of Gaza’ about a correct translation will yield these results – they surely do not want the BBC exposing the Jew hatred, in order to garner maximum sympathy. They would rather it remains within the province of their Arab-language media.

Yet another example of the BBC’s lethal journalism.

8 thoughts on “Just-In: Beeber Admits To Substituting Word “Israelis” for “Jews””

  1. Reminiscent of the infamous ‘mistranslation’ by Canal+ of Arab youth in France chanting ‘Sarko sale juif’, rendered in the subtitles not as ‘Sarko dirty jew’ but ‘Sarko fascist’. This was back in 2005 and the ‘adjusted’ translation found its way into the media all over Europe.

  2. We the public must always be aware of the bias of JOURNALIST AND THEIR JOURNALESE !!!

    Their bias is ALWAYS towards them earning a living by any means.


  3. I heard that once, Ms Doucet was caught (in Israel), of transporting terrorists with her under the guise of being members of the ‘press’

  4. When moshiach comes, may the entire BBC be put to latrine scrubbing with toothbrushes. Preferably their own.

    1. This is not fair. Pigs are an important part of barnyard economies. They find truffles for us. They are really nice animals. They aren’t like dishonest reporters at all. Think… has a pig ever lied to you?

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