MUST WATCH: The True, Vile Face Of The Israel Hater (Updated)


With Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visiting the UK, the haters were out in force today to protest his visit.

Here are just a few of the videos to make it online, showing exactly what these people are about.

A Palestinian calls for the genocide of 6 million Jews

A Palestinian woman calls for the death of 6 million Jews (and if that wasn't enough she goes on to deny the holocaust).Sussex Friends Of Israel have just informed us this woman is called Pamela Hardyment and she is a well known antisemite and anti-Israel activist.This was shot at the PSC's anti-Israel protest at Downing Street today. The emergence of so many videos from this event of antisemites shows the world exactly who the PSC are and what they stand for. While Israel's supporters were chanting "we want peace", they were met with chants calling for Israel's destruction.But Kol Hakavod to all of Israel's supporters that came out today in such large numbers, we know of several individuals that travelled from as faraway Scotland, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, etc. Thank you, you are amazing.

Posted by Israel Advocacy Movement on Wednesday, September 9, 2015


"All you [Jews] understand is money"

ZF Video Exclusive: “All you Jews understand is money”When it was announced that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was going to visit the UK, anti-Israel groups organised a protest against him. Within minutes of pro-Israel supporters setting up our own solidarity rally, we were approached by this gentleman. Despite the claims that anti-Israel activists are only motivated by concerns for “justice” and “human rights,” he soon began brandishing a penny at us. “Here’s a penny…that’s all you understand…you understand money!” he said – proving that it was open anti-Semitism, not anything else, which motivated him to be there.We are pleased to report he was later taken away in handcuffs.

Posted by ZF UK – Zionist Federation on Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Yep, they hate Israel because they hate Jews. With a passion.

And this is the norm, rather than the exception.

Thank you to these antisemitic dumbasses for expressing their true feelings on camera.

Update: More video from the protests:

You remember Pam Harryment, the delightful lady from yesterday who called for the death of 6 million Jews, here is another video from her yesterday and this time she's just loving Hamas and she's got a mate with her…..

Posted by Sussex Friends Of Israel on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Update: And another one. Because there is no shortage of Jew hate.

OH GO ON THEN, IF YOU INSIST….You want another video of a protester from Wednesday making anti-Semitic comments? Well if I must…(Huge credit Anon.)

Posted by Sussex Friends Of Israel on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Update: More video of arrests including a cameo with umbrella wielding Pamela:

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