Why You Haven’t Seen This Shocking Photo

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Two weeks ago the media universe was fixated on a series of photos seeming to depict an Israeli soldier in a scuffle with Palestinian children and women. Although later exposed by Israellycool as a Pallywood production, the choreographed scene perfectly matched mass media’s etched in stone narrative for the Arab-Israeli conflict. Photos and videos from the incident were featured prominently in virtually all major news outlets, adding grist to the anti-Semitic mill. But there is another, more recent photo of a Jew and Arab women that you have not seen. Allow me to explain.

Photo Credit www.el-balad.com Via Yeshiva World News

You won’t see this photo in the NY Times. Photo Credit www.el-balad.com Via Yeshiva World News

The Jewish world has met the New Year of 5776 upon a worldwide wave of anti-Semitism. Reports tumbled one atop the other, whether it be assaults on Jews from Amsterdam to  Manchester or the election of an Israel hating Labour leader in London to the anti-Semitic expectorations of a prominent American news pundit. But no individual photo more dramatically depicted the resurgence of the world’s oldest hatred than that of a Jewish teenager, garbed in prayer shawl and teffilin, beaten to the ground and mocked by an Arab mob. You have most likely not seen this photo taken on the eve of the Jewish New Year, or the disturbing video of the same teen running for his life through the narrow streets of Jerusalem’s old city while being shoved and pelted by Palestinians for the sole offense of being a Jew.  The photo is dramatic, informative and hearkens back to horrific images of  decades past. But you will not see this photo in The New York Times or on the BBC as it does not fit the Israel as oppressor narrative.

Video of  the incident  (below) with the youth running for his life while Arabs assault him as he runs by.


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