Anti-Israel “Activists” Memorialize Samir Kuntar


A group calling themselves Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network has created a Facebook event for a memorial in Brussels for arch terrorist Samir Kuntar.

As in the guy who bashed in a 4-year-old girl’s skull with a rifle butt.

kuntar memorial

What is also instructive is who has indicated they are going to the memorial.

going to memorial of kuntar

Note one Joe Catron is among the names. He refers to himself as a Gaza-based “international solidarity activist” and journalist, and is a member of the ISM, which claims to support non-violence. But here he is wanting to memorialize a dead arch terrorist.

Not that it’s surprising. He has already asked Hizbullah’s Nasrallah to strike Tel Aviv with rockets, condoned the murder of the Henkins, and denied the three murdered boys had been kidnapped.

He also loves one DouchebloggerTM, who also happened to defend Kuntar.

And likes to retweet terror organization Hamas.

catron retweet hamas

Once again we see that those who support the so-called palestinian cause are invariably the scummiest, most amoral people who’s goal is the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel.

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