“My Truth” Breaks The Silence

My Truth, an organisation of IDF reservists who came together over the last half-year to oppose the demonisation and distortions being told about the army by Breaking the Silence, is planning to produce an unprecedented dossier about what actually goes on in the IDF.

Last year, after discovering that Breaking the Silence’s May 2015 report into Operation Protective Edge was filled with half-truths, devoid of context and obsessed over minor Israeli mistakes while neglecting to show the massive humanitarian efforts implemented by the IDF, one reservist by the name of Avihai Shorshan had enough.

Shorshan wrote a Facebook post that went viral overnight. Knowing that IDF soldiers endanger themselves to a large extent due to their requirement to adhere to a strict moral code, he began a Hebrew Facebook page called האמת שלי (HaEmet Sheli) to counter the misleading and damaging statements being told about the army and educate about the way the IDF operates. In just half a year it has already reached the European Parliament, garnered over 23,000 “likes” and representatives of the organisation have been interviewed in the Israeli media dozens of times.

Breaking The Silence is succeeding internationally mostly because of the international community’s willingness to listen to stories that harm Israel’s image. Because of this, My Truth faces an uphill climb and needs support to get the real testimonies out there.

“For too long people have been telling lies and distortions about the IDF, and we decided that the best way to fight back is to collect these stories, and compile a comprehensive formal report detailing how the IDF really operates,” said Emanuel Miller, who served as a tank driver and runs My Truth’s English language Facebook page.

The group is now fundraising in order to compile this report, which will be published in Hebrew and English, and will be released to the media, politicians and students, and in so doing, set the record straight about the Israeli army’s policies.

If you watch the video above you’ll hear some examples of real stories from Israeli soldiers. Notice how each testimony in this video describes a technique of exploitation of women and children commonly used by Palestinian terrorists. In one testimony, a child is strapped with a suicide bomb. In another, an ambulance filled with explosives uses a pregnant woman in an attempt to bypass a security check. A woman pretends to faint knowing the IDF medic will treat her while her husband grabs a weapon and shoots the soldier paralysing him from the chest down. In each testimony, we hear stories of how the soldiers’ respect for humanity came out despite all this. These are the stories the world needs to hear. Not another lie from an anti-Israel NGO.

Please follow and make sure the stories of our brave reservists are out there and that they include the full context of what our soldiers face on the battlefield. They have amazing content including direct contradictions of BtS “testimonies”.

Click here to donate to My Truth’s Israeli soldiers’ testimony project: IDF soldiers speak out – My Truth fundraising on Headstart.

Since I will no doubt be asked, the following is a full translation of Shorshan’s post that went viral:

I am also breaking the silence.

Here is my report, in short and just the tip of the iceberg.

In the middle of our activity in the Casbah of Schem, we were preparing for an ambush inside a house.

An old man in the house felt pains in his chest. Because of the ineffectiveness of the Red Crescent, and against orders, we removed him in the middle of the night ourselves by stretcher despite substantial danger to our forces in exposing our location.


During the Gaza operation, our commander decided that the next food care package we received on behalf of lone soldiers will be handed out to Palestinian families during our next activity. We received way more food in relation to the number of lone soldiers in our unit.

In one of our activities before Rosh Hashanah, we entered Jabalaya by foot. The armoured vehicles that entered in the second stage brought in the food packages. All families that entered their homes during the mission received a nice holiday gift.


During one of our activities in the outskirts of Sajaiya our hideout was exposed. Hamas didn’t delay with their response and sent a 10 year old boy wearing an explosive belt. Against protocol (which says to kill the terrorist) a member of our team decided not to open fire, took cover and told the boy to undress and remove the explosive belt. We arrested the boy and after investigation in Israel he was released complete and healthy. (By the way, in the investigation it turned out his brother, who had a high position in Hamas paid him 10 shekels to go blow us up.)


After 2 weeks preparation for a crazy operation, we went to arrest Hamas leaders in Jenin. There was intelligence information that they were all going to meet at the same coffee shop together.

After a long walk, and 2 weeks of combat procedures, we arrived in full force at our destination and we were locked in position. Only then we understood that the coffee shop and the surrounding area was very crowded with uninvolved civilians. We received an order to abort the mission and returned empty handed in order to avoid innocent casualties.


What I have written here is not rare and not isolated cases. I can write an entire book just on events that personally happened to our team. Every soldier that served in these sectors can tell you many similar experiences.

I’m do not close my eyes during combat, especially in urban areas, of the harm to innocent Palestinians. But I know wholeheartedly that the field commanders and high ranking commanders go above and beyond (and sometimes way beyond) in order to keep this to a minimum. And even when it does happen, it is a mistake and inadvertent. Things that unfortunately happen in every war, in every place in the world.

“Breaking The Silence” is trying to discredit and provoke and nothing else. They are not willing to cooperate with the IDF or give their side to the investigation, despite the pleas of the IDF in this regard, and all the testimonies are anonymous.

Anyone with common sense can draw their own conclusions…

Anyone who fought in Judea & Samaria and Gaza knows what really happens in the field and what the orders are.

Have you experienced something similar during your army service? Post it and add the hashtag #MyTruth 

Check out the English language My Truth Facebook page.



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