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Reader Post: Canary Mission Columbia University Press Release 2016

canary missionIn January 2016, received numerous requests from students at Columbia University that we urgently investigate individuals who were inciting radical anti-Israel activity.

Columbia University has become a hotbed of hate, serving as a home for extreme anti-Israel and anti-American groups.

Canary Mission rapidly responded. We were determined to provide assistance to those students who needed our help. We began research on 31 of the most radical Columbia students involved with BDS, SJP and JVP. These organizations are notorious for spreading hate and lies, and intimidating pro-Israel students.

As soon as we began to release the individual Columbia profiles ,
was hit by a massive Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. This illegal activity turns thousands of infected computers worldwide into drones. These drone-computers slam the intended victim with a barrage of web traffic in order to crash it. The attack did not succeed.

The failed DDoS attack against was followed by an onslaught of insults and smears.

Undeterred, we continued to release Columbia profiles. Then another attack was launched against us, this time in the form of an illegal hack. Again, the hackers were not successful and our security team intercepted and neutralized the threat.

Needless to say, these radical activists, whether or not they are students, invested thousands of dollars in an attempt to silence – in violation of our freedom of speech.

We are undaunted and will continue to lawfully expose the views and words of radicals who spread hate and incite violence against Jews, Americans, and pro-Israel supporters.

For updates on radical and anti-Semitic activity on campus, please sign up here.

The complete list of the Canary Mission Columbia profiles are available here.

Students and Professionals

1. Jannine Masoud Salman 

2. Randa Wahbe

3. Feride Eralp 

4. Tanya Keilani 

5. Sumaya Awad

6. Shezza Abboushi Dallal 

7. Matt Swagler 

8. Isabel Penaranda 

9. Darializa Avila Chevalier 

10. Alay Syed 

11. Yasmeen Abdel Majeed

12. Ayah Zaki-Sabet 

13. Mariam Rimawi 

14. Fatimah Rimawi 

15. Alaa Milbes

16. Dayana Khatib 

17. Aleq Abdullah

18. Mona Abdullah 

19. Robert Tiburzi 

20. Michael Kennedy

21. Wind Maya 

22. Thaer-al-Sheik Theeb 

23. Yousr Shaltout

24. Qais Malhas 

25. Jeffrey Jacobs 

26. Adrian McAfee 

27. Hanine Hassan 

28. Eva Kalikoff 

29. Marina Hansen 

30. Max Fineman

31. Christopher Godshall 


1. Nadia Abu El-Haj 

2. Joseph Massad 

3. Hamid Dabashi 

4. George Saliba 

5. Gil Anidjar 

6. Brinkley Messick 

7. Mahmood Mamdani 

8. Rashid Khalidi 

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