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SJP Lies and Defends & Minimizes Terrorism Against Israeli Civilians in College Flyers

Students for Justice in Palestine caught lying and defending terrorism in flyers sent out to college students

Students for Justice in Palestine Equate Pittsburgh Synagogue Murder Victims & Gazans

If you think you should accept SJP’s condolences over Pittsburgh, think again.

Students for Justice in Palestine Admit They Want The Destruction of Israel

SJP admit to something they used to hide

Israel Haters Disrupt “Indigenous Peoples” Event at UCLA

Property damage, intimidation and attempts at censorship. See with your own two eyes what Students for Justice in Palestine members at UCLA did last night at an "Indigenous Peoples Unite" event

Students for Justice in Palestine’s Latest Public Support of Terrorism

Another sickening, public show of support for murderers of men, women and children

NYC Students for Justice in Palestine Caught Expressing Public Support for Hamas & Terrorism

A post by NYC SJP - very explicit in its support of Hamas and calls for the terrorism to continue - has come to light

What The Heck Are They Thinking: SJP Edition

Why do kids from good Jewish families join SJP? Lex has some insights

Israel-Hating Organizations Feeling the Pinch

Here's hoping this trend spreads!

Students for Justice in Palestine At UC Irvine Sanctioned

SJP's antics are catching up with them

Tufts BDS Vote Latest Example Of Underhanded, Anti-Jewish Tactics

More disgraceful, anti-Jewish behavior by a university student senate, led by BDS-holes

More US Campus Jew Hatred As Daily Bruin Publishes Antisemitic Cartoon

Another day, another dose of antisemitism from a US university

BDS-Holes Don’t Just Hate Israel…They Also Hate The US

One of often overlooked things about BDS is that they do not just hate Israel

Jeremy Corbyn At SJP Founder’s Anti-Israel Book Signing

More worrying signs from the UK


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