A Lot Of British Muslims Hate Jews

There was a huge amount of noise in the UK this week about a Channel 4 TV program about an in depth survey of the opinions of British Muslims.

What is the most extensive survey of opinions and attitudes among British Muslims ever conducted, commissioned by Channel 4, found that Muslims who sympathies with violent jihad are around twice as likely to prefer to live a more separate, un-integrated life in Britain than those who don’t.

The results might even be worse than is being stated, buried in the raw data is the knowledge that there was a pretty high “did not answer” rate on the more sensitive questions.

For example the reported survey results shows 52% of British Muslims would actually want to see homosexuality become illegal again (forget about gay marriage, this is locking up gays). The problem is 322 out of 1081 or 30% didn’t answer. If those 30% were forced to answer which way would they fall? So the real answer could be anything from 60 to 80% of UK Muslims want to criminalise homosexuality! For the question “sympathise with terrorist actions” it could go from 4% (still a huge problem) to 17% and “support the caliphate” 7% to 33%!

British Muslims antisemitismInterestingly the survey asked lots of questions about Muslims’ attitudes toward Jews. However the results of those questions did not make it into the TV program or the many articles that were written around this.

However the raw data was released and it’s a treasure trove. It’s not pretty. At all. It was picked up and analysed by the folks at the UK’s Campaign Against Antisemitism. Their report was produced very quickly. Here are two pages from their report comparing the attitudes of British Muslims toward Jews with those of the rest of the British population. In every single respect, more British Muslims hate Jews than the average Brit.

British-Muslims-and-Antisemitism page 6

British-Muslims-and-Antisemitism page 7

We can go on believing that this is related solely to Israel or we can pick up a Quran or the biography of Mohammed or some of the other foundational texts of Islam and notice how they’re run through with Jew hatred (no mentions of Zionism or Zionists, just “Yehudi” the Jews). We can notice that the daily Muslim prayers curse Jews (not by name but by a mildly oblique reference to those who have “gone astray”). They curse Christians too (those who’ve been “led astray”).

Let’s also make another thing clear: there are roughly 3 million Muslims in the UK and this survey attempted to represent them all. No matter what you think about the British population, the problem of Jew hatred in the UK is in this segment of the population. The “Far Right” and neo-Nazis have long been the ridiculous obsession of UK’s official Jewish organisations. Those exist, for sure, but by far and away the two biggest areas of Jew hatred in the UK today are Muslims and the Israel hating, regressive Left as epitomised by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party. Anyone who says otherwise is an absolute idiot.

Burying our heads in the sand won’t improve anything. It’s time to ask Muslims and their leaders if they’re going to do anything about their Jew hatred problem.

*Note: I don’t like the term antisemitism. It’s all Jew hatred to me. Here’s the explanation.


Brian of London

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