The Viper Room: On Being a Hamas Human Shield

Fearful residents of Gaza worry that they will be used as humans shields in the next conflict with Israel.  As their leaders instruct operatives to lob rockets into Israeli territory aimed at civilians and take the cement meant for building infrastructure but construct terror tunnels instead in residential areas, the people in living in the Gaza Strip are used as death pawns in this nasty game.

Committing a double war crime by targeting civilians in Israel and deliberately using their own people as human shields doesn’t even register with the vipers holding sway in the hallowed halls of the UN.

What a perfect example of hypocrisy from those who pretend to care for the people of Gaza. How convenient to overlook these horrors and the fears of the people because it takes away from the “narrative” that Israel is the big bad aggressor and Hamas is the spotless lamb.

In a report from iHLS titled, “Gaza Residents Fear Dying as Human Shields” it reads:

Woman in Gaza - Credit Daily Mail

Woman in Gaza – Credit Daily Mail

Hamas, the terrorist organisation in control of the Gaza strip, keeps digging tunnels into Israeli territory. Palestinian residents of the strip, however, are increasingly fearful that construction in residential areas will put their lives at risk if and when the next war erupts, The New York Times reports.

Residents on both sides of the border describe sounds of digging in the small hours of the night, and report their fears of the possible future confrontations. Those living in areas bordering Israel express their fears that the tunnels, and consequently their neighbourhoods, will become a target for Israeli airstrikes.

One woman, who used the pseudonym Umm Nidal to protect her identity from Hamas operatives, has been living in a shelter since her house was destroyed during Operation Protective Edge. She believes there is a tunnel entry point hidden near her current residence and fears that her family will be “torn apart” if it is attacked.

Quoted from the New York Times piece, “Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, an Israeli military spokesman, said on Friday that Hamas deliberately put civilians in harm’s way by digging tunnels underneath homes, which he called “an insidious plan” to attack Israelis “while concealing Hamas activities behind the people of Gaza.

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