When Twitter Users Start Messing With The Neo Nazis

A few days ago, an odd online tactic of neo nazis was exposed – placing the names of Jews in parentheses to identify them as Jewish and assist in the process of targeting and trolling them.

As Yair Rosenberg from Tablet explained:

Spend any time around prominent opinionated Jews on the Internet, particularly on platforms like Reddit or Twitter, and you’re likely to encounter an odd anti-Semitic practice. White supremacists associated with the alt-right, many of them avid supporters of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, like to highlight Jewish users for targeting with parentheses: (((Rosenberg))), for example.

As Mic reported, the Internet’s neo-Nazis even have their very own Chrome browser extension that automatically places these parentheses around Jewish names on web pages. But on social media, they typically add the symbols themselves to troll Jews and alert fellow bigots to a potential target

But what the neo nazis did not count on was having the tables turned on them.

With a name like “Yair Rosenberg,” I might as well be called Jewy McJewface on Twitter. As a result, I’ve been on the receiving end of this sort of treatment for years, long before Donald Trump entered the political fray. Likewise, The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg, being a Very Prominent Jew With Opinions on the Internet, has been a lightning rod for such abuse. So last night, he decided to preempt the neo-Nazis and put parentheses around his own Twitter username. It seemed like a good idea to me, so I tweeted this:

Then I went to bed. It turned out a lot of people—not just Jews—liked the idea. Some anonymous accounts even outed themselves as Jews to show solidarity. Muslims, Christians, and Hindus changed their names to show their support. As of now, hundreds of accounts have appropriated the Nazi symbols as their own.


It’s worth noting that the internet’s anti-Semites hate when their culture is appropriated by their opponents.

Yeah, some “culture.”

Besides giving me a bit more faith in humanity, this story also got me thinking about the idea of identifying Jews. The neo Nazis and other antisemites pride themselves on their “Jewdar”, basing their judgment on a plethora of Jewish stereotypes. So I thought I would create a quiz to see how well people really can tell who is Jewish and who isn’t.


How well did you go? Place your score in the comments.

49 thoughts on “When Twitter Users Start Messing With The Neo Nazis”

      1. So they really support Trump, and the evidence is that they’re doing exactly the opposite, isn’t it?

        If they supported Trump, that would proof they support Trump. If they support Clinton (as they do), that proofs they support Trump. And they didn’t support any of them, that would proof that they support Trump.

        That reminds me the feminist logic: when a man is favored, that proofs women are discriminated, when a woman is favored, that proofs women are considered less skilled which proofs that women are discriminated.

            1. Well, he supports Trump, and you are saying that White Supremacists don’t support Trump, so you are telling us that David Duke is no longer a White Supremacist.

              1. I see…

                So if I say that Scottish are the people from Scotland, you would say that this is wrong, because you know one guy called John McDoe who is Scottish and wasn’t born in Scotland. Scottish people? From Scotland? Who dared to say such a nonsense!!!

                KKK supports Clinton and have raised money for her, but you know, there’s that guy who supports Trump. And that’s what matter!! that guy!!


                1. Nice try at flailing your way with pure B.S. but you claim that White Supremacists DO NOT support Trump, and as such one of the most famous White Supremacists in the U.S. must not be a White Supremacist.

                2. you’re ignoring reality because you want to support Trump while convincing yourself you’re not actually on the same side as a bunch of knuckle-dragging racists who literally hate jews.

        1. yeah, you’re not really getting it are you? What happened was that so many from the altright and KKK and white supremacists came out in support of Trump that there was a backlash in the press. That got some of those people to be creative and throw support for Hillary. Nobody (well almost nobody) bought it.

          1. The KKK big boss officially supports Clinton. KKK have raised money for her.

            I would say that sounds like it.

            And it’s not so strange. After all, the KKK was founded by the Democrats. Check history.

      1. An the same one, David Duke, again… you know? There’s more messages in this thread about KKK guys supporting Trump that actual KKK guys supporting Trump.

  1. Norman_In_New_York

    I wonder how many of these “alt-right” imbeciles are aware that Trump’s daughter Ivanka converted to Orthodox Judaism in marrying real estate magnate Jared Kushner, Orthodox himself and supporting philanthropies in Israel, and that both are assisting in Trump’s campaign. (BTW, Kushner and two partners recently acquired the Watchtower Building in Brooklyn from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I wonder if a mezuzah now goes at the front door.)

    There is in fact a website called jewornotjew.com, subtitled “Choosing the Chosen People,” which I enjoy logging on to. The proprietors of this website evaluate the Jewishness of the subjects of their profiles on a scale of one to fifteen, with the latter being the highest score and including Albert Einstein, George Gershwin and the Marx Brothers among others. It also profiles fictional, movie, cartoon and comic strip characters as well as real people. New profiles are posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

      1. A lot of Trumpists are strange. You have the alt-right people who think he’ll gas his own daughter, then you have the people who think he’ll save the Constitution – basically he’s a Tabula Rasa, all things to all people.

  2. Aussie Dave.

    In my experience the vast majority of the “neo-nazi” accounts you speak of are left wing troll accounts.

    I take offense to you associating anti-semites with Donald Trump. Among the ranks of Trump’s supporters are the most ardent supporters of Israel.

    Also, it should be noted that among the positions of power that will be appointed by Trump will be ardent supporters of Israel. Contrast that to the democrats adding Israel haters to positions of power.

    Please do not become a puppet for the MSM and spout false narratives about Trump.

    1. you appear to have your head stuck well into the sand on this one. Its not left wing trolls, its nazi anti-semites that are thrilled with Donald and his rhetoric which they see as a dog whistle for the things that are important to them. And remember, Trump is “neutral” when it comes to Israel. His words, not mine.

      1. The nation of islam, BDS SJP, J street supports obama hillary and sanders. Those are well known antisemitic and antiIsrael organizations.

        Whatever antisemites you might want to claim support Republicans they are few and hold NO positions of power.
        Antisemitism is a badge of honor among TODAY’s democrats.

        1. It appears that you have decided to find that all of the anti-semites on one side are really bad while the ones on the other side aren’t. I choose to condemn ALL of them equally. You want to make excuses for the ones on the Repub side because that what you identify as. As an independent I can straddle the fence and tell that they both are wrong.

          1. I never defended antisemites from either party.
            I stated a fact.
            The vast majority of the antisemites in the USA support sanders and hillary.
            Within the democrat party the antisemites hold positions of power.
            Republicans do not give positions of power to antisemites.

            1. Oh, its a fact? So you have data that proves this fact, right? If you are implying that there are not nor have there ever been anti-Semites in power in the Repub party, then you would be absolutely wrong.

              1. Where did I imply that never in the 150 year history has at least one antisemite held a position of power, in the republican party, in my statement?

                Again. TODAY. The vast majority of antisemites support the democrat party. Within the democrat party antisemites hold positions of power. Within the Republican party antisemites are not welcome in positions of power.
                Stay on topic.

                1. Again, show me any data aside from you saying it. Do you have ANY data that shows that there are more anti-semites on the left then there are on the right? Its a simple question. Also, give some specifics on anti-semites that are holding power in the Dem party.

                  1. Look up info on sanders campaign manager and hillarys personal assistant.
                    You must not be from the USA.
                    Anyone who watches the candidates knows that within the democrat ranks are antisemites.

                    You know there is not a specific study performed by a large university and published in a journal, so why are you asking for something you know does not exist?

                    Fact remains, anyone with half a brain and any knowledge about the democrat party knows that the antisemites have found a welcome home there.

                    1. Sanders is DONE. He’s out. Move on.

                      In the meantime you’re supporting the Nazi Flavor of the Year, while claiming he’s Pro-Israel.

                      Trump is Pro-TRUMP. Beginning, Middle and End. He has LIED his way throughout his entire campaign and his life. He is a fraudulent scam artist. He Personally sought to do business with Mummar Gadaffi. He “forgot” who David Duke is? REALLY? SERIOUSLY?? You BELIEVE this? He is a racist and a bigot.

                      He is a narcissist bully with non-serious “solutions” to very serious problems and a serial LIAR to boot. And you would TRUST him on Israel?

                      I wouldn’t trust him to scramble an egg.

                    2. bla bla bla

                      Keep ranting with that Trump is hitler thing.
                      Real Jews find that blatantly insulting since nothing could be further than the Truth.

                      Wanting secure borders is not racist. Just ask Israel if their wall has helped.

                      You do not vote in the USA, it does not matter what you think.

                    3. I don’t dispute any of your statements, but the Democratic party as a whole is pro-Nazi – or what do you call people who embrace the Hero of Crown Heights (and Freddies, and …)




                      But this is the party that once had a military wing called the Ku Klux Klan (amazing how many people don’t know they were a de facto branch of the Democratic party).

                    4. so you named 2……….

                      I’m asking you for data because you make comments like this as if there is definitive proof, and there isn’t. You want to ignore all of the racists on the right when its incredibly easy to simply go to Breitbart, look at the comment section and see for yourself the huge number of anti-semites there. Are there anti-semites on the left – of course. Are there an equal number of the altright who are very vocal – yes. If you want to pretend that there are only anti-semites on one side, thats fine, but you’re literally ignoring reality.

        2. The problem is that you are both correct. Objectively, the Democrats are the anti-semitic party. But I need to save my party from becoming Democrat-lite, that is anti-Semite-lite.

          BTW, I tell the radical Trumpists: Trump says he supports Israel. Can I now hate him without having my loyalty questioned?

          1. Sure, question Trump all you like.
            He is not as eloquent as you might like, but we are at the fork in the road. Only 2 choices are left before us. You might not like either choice but one must be chosen.

            I am more concerned about the RINO’s than the backwoods antisemite. The antisemites in the Republican party do not concern me. Their”brand” of antisemitism is different. They are anti-“corporate overloard”, and they view Jews as the corporate overloards. There will always be racist people. Not my concern to eliminate racism, only to identify true threats.

    2. Baloney. While Trump is allegedly pro Israel, many of his followers are White Nationalists of the most vicious anti Semitic sorts such as Justin Raimondo and Glenn Greenwald. Pat Buchanan is a Branch Trumpidian.

      1. It is a fact. The majority of the anti-semites in the USA support hiliary and sanders.

        BDS and SJP are not welcome among Republicans, but hold positions of power among the democrats.

        1. This is arguably true, and in any case the Democrats openly embrace racists and anti-semites while Trump does not do so at least actively. But then shall both parties tolerate anti-Semitism? The Democrats are too wedded to racism, have been for 150 years, to get it out of them. We can’t have both parties accept anti-semites. The US isn’t Europe, we need some country where it isn’t acceptable.

    3. Unfortunately, there appear to be a lot of Trump internet commenters (not you) who come across as anti-Semitic. They have an obscene, vaguely anti-semitic term (starts with “c”) they use to characterize their opponents. My fear of having this become part of American political discourse is the reason I cannot vote for Donald.

      Of course the Democrats are worse. Their open embrace of racist anti-semites, such as Al Sharpton, hater of Asians and Jews with over ten deaths connected to his causes, shows they are the same party they have been for 150 years, the party of the White Hood and the Noose. At least Donald repudiated Duke, who is connected with no deaths that I know of.

      The question is – shall there be two anti-semitic parties in the US, or only one? I would rather lose the election than have my party join the Dems in embracing anti-semites. What would become of George Washington’s “to bigotry no sanction”?

  3. Well that clinches it.

    I saw it once as “(((globalist)))” and once as “swarm of (((bees)))” and immediately twigged that the goose-steppers were trying for coded speech. The poor babies must imagine themselves to be resistance fighters protecting Zion from genocidal machines (irony meter just broke again).

    Still, if they really didn’t want this gimmick to be widely known, they wouldn’t let (((web spiders))) look in their forums and broadcast it on (((search engines))).

    I’m looking forward to trolling the few wastrel nazis on the good ship (((Spectator))) with this one.

  4. Scored 60%, mainly from guessing. I had no clue who most of the people were. And, gaving grown up within blvks of Hugh Hefner’s family, was certain he was Jewish. Not!!!

  5. Oh, great. You got me to look at Goldberg’s comment stream. It’s so idiotic it almost makes me back Trump. (Except for the great part about “why not just say Jew”, but Rush Limbaugh made that point over ten years ago.)

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