Temple Mount Worship Or Desecration?

Can you spot the peaceful worship on the Temple Mount vs the utter desecration of the holy site?

  1. Worship or desecration?

2. Worship or desecration?

storming settlers 1

3. Worship or desecration?

4. Worship or desecration?

settler desecrating 1

5. Worship or desecration?


6. Worship or desecration?

settler attacks 1

7. Worship or desecration?

8. Worship or desecration?

9. Worship or desecration?

10. Worship or desecration?


1. Worship

2. Desecration

3. Worship

4. Desecration

5. Worship

6. Desecration

7. Worship

8. Desecration

9. Worship

10. Desecration

If you got these right, congratulations. You are an Israel hater!

3 thoughts on “Temple Mount Worship Or Desecration?”

  1. But of course, none of these are acts of worship, because Jews are arrested by the Israeli police if they engage in worship on the Temple mount. (Or are attacked by Muslims.)
    Rather, these are Jewish faithful innocently and reverently touring the Temple mount.

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