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Reader Post: I’m A Zionist Israeli Arab

mahdi satreI’m the son of a Palestinian Arab Muslim who born in Gaza and came to Israel for political asylum. He married my Israeli Arab mother, and I was born in Tel Aviv. A few years later, we moved to my village, a racist hateful village. When they found out that my father helped the IDF, they started a war on us.

Why? Because my father decided to be a patriot of his own country.

They started to throw stones at our house. I was badly injured when a big stone hit me in the head so my mother decided to take us to Tel Aviv again while my father stayed in the village and took a stand against hatred. It was a time full of bullets, full of war, one man standing against a village. But our country didn’t desert us.

They stood with my father against them. And we won the war.

So we came back to the village, with no friends, with nothing. I grew up alone, nobody wanted to talk to me and I still remember what they called me in the second grade – they called me the traitor, the son of the traitor.

So we lived with this hatred from the entire village.

By the time I was in the 9th grade, I started to think that it was not true what they were saying, how they promote hatred against our country and against the Jewish people, how they spread things I knew were lies based on the evidence that was all around me. From here I started to stand against their thoughts and I joined the Likud youth, inspired by my father.

So they started to hate me more and more and they did terrible things to me. They threatened me, they hit me, they beat me… my friends and many loved ones turned their backs on me when I started to get more involved on a national level. I’m now 17-years-old and starting 12th grade.

Despite these hardships, nobody has succeeded to calm me down. After 3 years of violence against me after coming out publicly with my Zionism and I’m still the last man standing, standing against my village. So what happened to my father is happening with me now.
Not only my class, not only my teachers, not only my school, but all of my village – no one is talking to me. I am persona non grata.

I regularly get threats. I get threats from people in my village and they say they will put two bullets in my head If I’m not gonna stop.

I also get threats from Gaza, and from Ramallah, and from my mother’s family

Yeah, can you believe this?? I got threats from my mother’s family!!!


Because I love my country and refuse to give up. I refuse to give into the incorrect dogma in my community that is enforced under threat of death.

Because they can’t calm me down, because they can’t let me down.

It’s just not any love, it’s the love of my country that flows through my blood.

No one can stop me from defending my beloved country, NO ONE.

They said if I’m not gonna stop, they will stop me, If I’m not gonna stop they will stab me…

blah blah blah

And I’ve one message for these people:

I can’t be stopped, no one can calm me down, no one can forbid me from defending my country for their silly tribalist reasons that are based on emotion and cultural ties and not on truth, not on what would be best for their futures, for their standard of living, for their human rights.

I’ll keep fighting my country’s enemies until the last drop of blood in my body.

Do whatever you want, if you want to threaten, threaten. I have every right to refuse to listen to these baseless threats.

Everyone should know the truth about Israel

And how we’re not living under a brutal occupation as the haters claim.

We’re living in a paradise.

Israel is home to everyone: Jews and Arabs. We live better under Israel’s government than ever before in our history. Meanwhile if a Zionist Jew wanted to live in Ramallah he would worry about being killed, and wouldn’t be allowed to buy property.

I’m here to not only tell my story but also tell it like it is. The truth as I see it.



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