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Arab-Israeli Campaign Against Discrimination Highly Inconvenient to Haters Alleging “Apartheid Israel”

There is a new video that has gone viral in Israel (seen already by 1.5 million Israelis), which lauds Arab doctors and nurses as heroes of the coronavirus crisis in Israel, with its creators hoping it will help bring about some change in the country’s politics.

Shot In The Back For Guarding A Mosque

It’s hard to say this attack had nothing to do with Islam.

Israel Singles Out Arab Men For Special Treatment

Apartheid! Discrimination!

Why Are Jerusalem’s Israeli Arabs Different?

“Jerusalem Arabs are not convinced that the 1967 defeat is final.”

Survey: Most Israeli Arabs Proud To Be Israeli, Supportive Of Our Fight Against Terror

Results all Israel haters will find inconvenient

Guest Post (Mahdi Satre): If This Is The End….

Israeli Arab Zionist Mahdi is afraid for his life

Reader Post: I’m A Zionist Israeli Arab

I'm not alone and I'm breaking my silence

When An Arab Learns The Truth About Israel

“Despite the youth of the new Israeli state, I saw, without exaggeration, a bright flame in a pitch-black region.”

Mis-taken Identity

The result of granting legitimacy to the entire “Palestinian narrative” is the perpetuation of war.

Time To Dish Out Equality And Parking Tickets

It is long past the time when we needed to give Israeli Arabs their correct human rights.

Smile! You’re An Antisemite

Candidly antisemitic

“Beat Up and Insult the Arab” Video Game Released

Can you guess which country is behind it?

Israeli Arabs, Have No Fear!

I guess Hamas's rockets are more advanced than we thought!


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