Guest Post (Mahdi Satre): If This Is The End….

mahdi sartreKnow that I died a dreamer.

I’m writing now and the tears well up.

I had a very long journey , and I’ll continue on this journey until the last drop of blood in my body. But I just wanted to share with you my sadness, my tears, my pain.

It’s really very hard to be a Zionist inside an Arab village. A village full of hatred, I really think that the end is near.

Many people are threatening me, and people are promoting incitement against me in the mosques. I never ever thought that it would to lead to this situation. I’m afraid to go to the shop near my house, I’m afraid to hang out in my village. I’m living in fear, the fear of  getting stabbed in the street, and after that no one will remember me – no one will have that Arab who’s fighting for his goal. Because I’m just encouraging the Israeli Arabs to stand against terrorism and to speak out, I became a target, a target for everyone, a target for the Palestinians, a target for my village citizens, a target for Hamas, a target for every single man in this world.

I’ve never thought that to speak the truth about my beloved country will lead to me being a victim. When I started, I did take it in to account that I might be killed because of this, but not in this way. I’m just staying home all day, and when I see a car, I’m afraid that it’s someone who wants to kill me. No one can imagine this feeling, to live in fear, live with the probability to get killed at any moment. It’s really a very terrible feeling, but no, I won’t just keep calm and not speak out anymore. I’m not this man who will just leave when he feels danger, I won’t just keep calm, I won’t!! I won’t escape and just disappear!

I’ll fight. I’ll fight alone, against all the terrorists, against all the people who want me dead, because I’m going to serve in the IDF. I won’t back down. That would be letting them win, which I refuse to allow.

I want to tell you I’ll keep fighting against all the terrorists, against our enemies, the enemies that don’t want me to speak out and to stand against them.

I want to tell you that I might not see tomorrow, and this message might be my last message, but just know something: if I died and if they succeeded to kill me, know that I died a Zionist defending my country, and know that I was smiling while dying because I’ll die for my country, and it’s really a very big honor. Know that I died and I have dreams. Know that I died a dreamer, a dreamer looking for a new future empty of hatred and full of love. Know that I died for a goal and not for nothing. Know that I died a Zionist,. Know that I died a fighter against the haters of truth and justice.

Like how I said,
Three words, one message:
Love you all
Thank you

The son of a Palestinian Arab Muslim and Israeli Arab mother, Mahdi Satre is a proud Zionist Israeli-Arab.


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