Palestinia Phone 56Y

Dave has a whole series of important posts of Israel’s history before and after the establishment of the State. ¬†Haters will not care, no matter how many facts you present, they will believe their narratives. However, on a recent trip north, I saw something to add to the long list of historical truths which might interest you too.

In the year 1901, 10 Jewish families bought land, well more accurately dunams of dirt and rocks, in the valley below Mount Tabor. They slaved working the land through droughts. They suffered from disease and rough times.

In spite of paying money for “protection” from local Arabs, their animals and equipment were often stolen.

Stone fence at Kfar Tavor has small opening to present theft of animals

The double stone walls built to protect their homes and farms had small openings, to make it harder to steal property.

The establishment and early life in Kefar Tavor was not easy.

In 1921, they got the first and only phone with one of our the local mobile phone plans for the community. The number was 56Y, and it was located in a private home. A whistle was used to notify the recipient of an important call. In those days, any call must have been considered important.

Phone number for phone at Kfar Tavor dated 1926

The text of the Hebrew notice from the phone center got my attention.

For those who do not read Hebrew, it says

“Telephone Service of Palestina.”

The abbreviation that follows is for “Eretz Yisrael” (like with those Palestine Mandate coins)

Eretz Yisrael, the land of Israel, the land of the Jewish people, a small detail, but too many seem to overlook it or do not want to notice it these days. As shown many times, the builders of Palestine were Jews.


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