Builders of Palestine


Palestine before 1947.

Quite the topic as new peace talks are to begin in Jerusalem, Israel.

Who were the builders of Palestine before 1947?

photo of poster build Palestine

Jews around the world contributed to build in Palestine.

In 1947, there was no such description as “west bank”,

they built in a place called Judea and Samaria.

Palestine poster

Year after year, before there was the United Jewish Appeal,

there was the United Palestine Appeal.

Before there was a country of Israel with Israeli citizens,

there were builders who worked and lived in the land.

Jews have a long history of building, in spite of Arab neighbors trying to kill them.

There was a strong Jewish community in Hebron, until August 24,1929,

when Arab neighbors rioted and murdered 67 men, women and children.

Facts to remember, as convicted murders are to be set free.

Facts that narratives want out of their way.

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